I have went from buying magazines weekly/fortnightly to seldom purchasing them,
only really picking up a few if I'm travelling some distance or the freebie is really good!
It is due to the influx of blog reading I do - daily updates and real people are always a winning combination.
Well the month of March was a good ol' month in the world of free magazine gifts 
with Glamour Magazine (£2.00) giving away the choice of four Percy and Reed hair products.

I have had a browse on the Percy and Reed website and to be frank I am a little shocked at the price point
considering the packaging, now I am aware looks aren't everything but the aesthetics don't scream £20+
hair products rather they look like something you would find stocked in a drug store rather than Selfridges!
As the product I have is only a sample size and the full size comes in a scoop out style tub
there isn't much else I can really add.

"Need a rescue remedy? This deep, indulgent treatment helps restores your hair’s vitality 
and makes it soft and more manageable. 
How? Well, we’ve enlisted marshmallow to lend a hand nourishing and strengthening stressed tresses
and coconut oil for deep conditioning and moisturising. Our heroes."

The scent is rather lovely - clean not sickly and not a hint of marshmallow or coconut (sadly).
For a hair mask the texture is a little thin but not so much that it makes it a chore to apply,
in-fact the consistency is what makes for an easy application as you don't really have to do much 
for an even application as it absorbs with ease into the hair.

As the bottle suggested I applied this from roots to tips then wrapped my hair in a towel and left for minutes
before rising out and drying as I normally would.
I have used this for a week now and I have to say I am not blown away,
my hair feels little different from what it does when I use a bog standard conditioner.
If I had bought the full size product at £20.00 I would have been rather cheesed off in all honesty
as it really does not feel like a luxury hydrating mask but rather a typical hair conditioner.

Did you pick up Glamour for one of the freebies?
If so which one and what are your thoughts on the Percy and Reed products?

Percy and Reed Totally TLC Hydrating Hair Mask £20/175ml - link