With a few milder days been had I can't help but dream of Summer
and with Summer comes the dreaded getting your legs out for shorts and skirts,
I always feel so much more confident with a tan but with all the damage it can do to your skin
it is so much better and safer for your skin and health to use faux tanners.

Tanning products have come a long way since the days of orange stained palms
and a patchy biscuit scented day-glo orange skin...sexy!
ModelCo Airbrush Instant Bronzer is a tinted false tan solution that tints the skin allowing you to see
where you have applied the tanning lotion resulting in a even streak free tan.
Not only does the Airbrush Instant Bronzer provide an instant tan but allow 4 hours to develop fully
and you have a beautiful golden olive tan that can last up to a full week with proper care.

The wonderful thing about all the ModelCo tanning products is that they contain a unique blue-green base
that combats that nasty artificial tan look that we are all trying to avoid!
Thankfully the ModelCo tanners are also pleasantly scented - sweet vanilla is what I detect!
If you are new to tanning then airbrush is certainly the way to go, I am no stranger to fake tan over the years
but really do find aerosol tanners so much easier and reliable than typical methods.
The airbrush nozzle allows you to create a flawless tan with such ease thanks to the nozzle having a 360 
degree range allowing you to reach all of those difficult areas!

I thought i'd share how I use this and other spray tans in-case you are new to the tanning world.
I always shower and exfloiate a few hours before applying the tan, I also find it best to shave the day before.
After my shower I dry completely and apply a good moisturiser to my dry areas, knees, elbows and feet.
Once a few hours have passed it is time to get down to business, I always apply my tan inside the shower
(water switched off in-case that isn't obvious) as that way any spills etc can easily be cleaned up.
I always start from my feet and work my way up my body, when using a aerosol tanner the trick is
to keep the nozzle at least 30cm away from the skin and apply in an even motion.
Through experience I have discovered that if you spray in circle motions you will create an even application.
Allow to dry and shower a few hours later to wash off excess product - ModelCo tanners need 4 hours.
I tend to apply my tanner at night then wash it off in the morning that way you know it has had 
plenty of time to develop!

Have you began tanning yet or are you an all year tan kinda person?

ModelCo Airbrush in a Can Instant Bronzer (S) 90g/£16 - 200g/£28 link