Little known fact when I wear my hair natural - curly, I use a leave in conditioner.
I know a few say it weighs down the natural curls but I don't really have that problem,
I find that a leave in formula really helps with my damaged ends and stops the curls looking so fluffy!

Naked Style Miracle Worker Leave in Conditioner comes packaged in a squeezey tube bottle
that is great for easily dispensing the product which is a little thick in texture
and in any other style of bottle would be difficult to dispense particularly with wet hands!
As mentioned in a few posts now I am trying my darnedest (gosh golly gee whizz!)
to use natural products when possible and take the sulphate and silicone free route
which is something the Naked brand really do excel at.
They also don't test on animals and use nearly 100% natural ingredients in each product!

The idea with leave in conditioner is that you ermm leave it in the hair
and don't rinse it out as you would with a typical conditioning product.
By leaving it in the hair you allow it to target dryness, frizz and split ends.
Leave in conditioners work wonderfully well with heat too,
I often run a little through the ends of my hair before blow drying my hair straight
that way I have a lovely glossy sheen to my hair as well as a style!

The conditioner has a wonderful light almond scent that is not at all overpowering,
the texture is thick and creamy so do use sparingly when applying to avoid overloading the hair.
It feels exactly like a normal conditioner and is not at all sticky,
once the hair is dry it provides a natural sheen to the hair that is not weighted down
but has plenty of natural bounce and texture.
It is great for adding a little extra moisture to dry and damaged hair
however this is not a styling product and will not hold a style etc.
If you have damaged ends and what to disguise them a little in-between hair cuts
or you simply don't want to lob them off then I recommend giving this a go
as it does that exceptionally well!
Also you can use this as often as you wish as it does not contain silicones so no product build up.

Naked Style Miracle Worker Leave in Conditioner(S) is available from