This months Jolie Box comes with four full size products and a bonus extra.
Also this edition saw the first issue of a Jolie Box magazine which was exciting
and really well written so kudos to Anna and the team!

The reason I did not have to wait any length of time to review the contents is due to the fact 
I have tried and tested all of the products minus the polish in the past, the only difference is that the scent
and colour variations in my box are different to what I have tried in the past.
I'm sure a few will grumble that the majority of these products have been in other beauty boxes in the past,
yes that is true but not all at once and this is the first beauty box edition to contain completely full size products!

So let's crack on with the mini review of each item shall we?

Yardley English Lavender Luxury Body Wash 

Sadly I am not a fan of Lavender in any sense so the scent of this is not something I enjoy.
I have however tried various Yardley Luxury Body Washes in the past 
and can say that the formula is great, they lather up really well and cleanse the skin 
without drying out the skin.
I also found that the scents are light but linger on the skin all day which is pleasant.
The Yardley Luxury Body Washes are a great buy and won't break the budget!

Eyeko Skinny Liner in Plum

In all honesty I am not a fan of Eyeko's re-brand, it seems very much like they are trying to be something
they are not and the price increase of their items is ridiculous and unjustified!
In truthfulness I think the liner packaging is ugly and looks like a weapon or cigarette holder,
I get that the large spike is to help apply the liner but frankly it frightens me a little!
All of that being said the plum shade is rather pretty, it is the prefect blend of purple and brown
and really wearable with a soft easy to work with formula.

Davines Authentic Moisturising Balm

This is a great multi-purpose product that can be used to hydrate the body, hair and face.
Davines Authentic Moisturising Balm is thick but easily absorbed without being greasy,
it is free of parabens, artificial colours and silicones...great for us trying the natural approach!
I found this to have a light floral scent that is pleasant to use and best used either in the hair or
body as it was a little too moisturising for my naturally oily skin.

LCN Nail Polish 

I received a pearlescent white shade that is a stark on it's own for my taste
but layered over a bright shade you have an instant pastel shade that is perfect for Spring.
I do however predict that this is a shade I will use next winter for Ice Queen nails!

Bonus Gift - Compact Mirror

A  super slim mirror that is of good quality that is perfect for popping in your handbag 
for on the go touch ups, it is well made and a really great size for travel.

So what did you think of the full size products?
My kitten enjoyed the box haha!
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