I am very familiar with the MUA Pro palettes and single shadows but not so much the baked trios, 
but the Chocolate Box trio really spoke to me - two cool toned neutrals with one warm pop of bronze.
Being a huge fan of baked products I simply had to snap one up and at £2.50 it was hardly bank breaking!

As with all the MUA Pro products this comes sleekly packaged in a black and transparent case,
admittedly it is plastic but so is most of the packaging on the high street at the moment!
I have dropped this case a few times and it has yet to shatter, same applies for the actual shadows
with is a first for the MUA line as the shadows are notoriously soft and shatter often!

Chocolate Box is of course a trio of brown toned shades,
as earlier mentioned it features two cool toned shades which are more taupe in tone than brown
and a bright warm mid toned orange based bronze.
If you have blue eyes this palette is your best friend as each shade really enhances the blue,
of course this will work with other eye shades I'm just speaking from personal experience.
On the back of the case they have given you a run down of each shades intended use 
but you can utilize it any which way you see fit.
In my opinion this is a great little trio to stash in your bag as you can use it to take you
from to day to night in a quite application.

The formula of the baked trios differs very much so from the usual MUA eyeshadow formulas
be it the solo shadows or the large pro palettes.
The baked formula is much sturdier and firmer to the touch but they are just as pigmented
if not a little more so than than it's sister products.
They apply well and deliver a good dose of colour pay off without any effort
but if intense colour is not your thing they blend out equally as well.
As with most baked shadows these can be used wet or dry, neither method produces substitutional fall out.
The finish of this trio is metallic but without being overly shimmery and there is not any glitter in sight.
I found without primer these faired around the 5 hour mark before creasing etc on my oily lids
but with the use of primer they stayed put until I decided to remove it - around 8 hours.

Product Summary
Round Up - A great trio of bronze tones in a mixture of tones, warm and cool.
Best For - The pigment is good enough for me to recommend to all skin tones and the mixture of tones,
cool and warm so it is a good palette for all.
Pigmentation - (7/10) Really well pigmented.
Availability - Superdrug and Superdrug's webpage - link, MUA Store - link, £2.50