This is apparently the "It" shade right now with it being scarce to source
and apparently 6 months of stock sold out already?
Well I found it easily in two of my local drug stores with ease
and don't really understand all the fuss other than it is a dupe for a now distinct Clarins shade?

Max Factor Fantasy Fire Nail is what I describe as a petrol shade,
in some lights it reflects red, gold, purple, green and blue.
In the bottle it appears to be a bright cobalt blue yet applied it leans more purple.
This is due to the fact it is a very sheer polish and requires building to gain an opaque finish.

For me it took three coats to gain a some what decent level of coverage but it is not fully opaque,
I feel it would require 4 or more for that to happen.
If like me you hate faffing around with layer upon layer of polish I suggest layering it over a similar shade
or for a really pretty effect layer it over a deep wine or plum shade.
I still have my shellac manicure so I'm afraid it is still false nail swatches for the time being,
in my experience I have found Max Factor polishes to wear for around 3 days with minor tip wear.

Max Factor Mini Nail Polishes retail for £3.99 - link