I have tested many things from the MUA brand both the regular £1 line and the Pro line
and in all honesty I am seldom disappointed and would go as far as saying in terms of budget make-up
MUA are pretty impossible to beat!
This is my first dabble into testing their eye liners, the Intense Colour liners cost £1
and are part of the regular line.

The packaging is pretty simple but how much can you really do with a wooden pencil style liner?
I always prefer when outer wood of the pencil's colour reflects the shade of the actual product
it is great in terms of finding a specific shade when you have more than a few liners in your stash.
My favourite thing about the liner? The sharpener in the lid! So handy and saves space in your make-up bag.

Forest Green is a deep metallic green but not so deep it looks black,
more a bright deep green hue if that at all makes sense?
The formula is metallic with tiny little specks of silver glitter
which are only noticeable when really inspected.
and a really pretty shade to line your lash line with for a pop of colour!

The formula of this liner is super butter soft, they glide on the lid and water line with such ease
and do not pull or tug at all so very eye friendly indeed.
I have sensitive eyes that water on the first signs of aggravation and this liner did not flare this up at all.
The staying power of these are not on par with some of the more extreme liners out there 
but it is still reasonable and completely usable 
however they do fair better on the lids opposed to the waterline.
On the waterline I found that it smudged a little after around 2 hours of wear 
but on the lid it took a little longer to smudge (around 3 hours) but that is without primer.
With a good primer you would encounter a pro-longed wear with ease.
At £1 these are a great way to update your eye make up.

Product Summary
Round Up - A pretty budget green pencil liner.
Best For - A purse friendly shot of eye colour.
Pigmentation - 7/10 Above average.
Availability - £1 from selected Superdrug stores and online via www.muastore.co.uk