For the last year I have been using various serums in conjunction 
with whatever moisturiser I'm using at the time.
Obviously various serums doing different things 
but the ones I gravitate towards are those that promise luminosity.

For the last month I have been using L'Oreal Youth Code Luminize Super Serum
which comes packaged in a silver tinged glass bottle with a pump for easy dispense of product.
The packaging won't win any awards as it is really simple and modern 
but that suits my taste down to the ground and as always who really cares what the bottle looks like? 
It's the product inside that matters!

"Not radiating your usual fresh, youthful glow? 
What if you had the 'code' to unify irregular skin tone 
and re-awaken a more even luminous looking complexion?
Irregular pigmentation beneath the skin's surface can reduce skin's luminosity." 

L'Oreal Youth Code Luminize Super Serum is a light silky serum that has a pearlescent glow to it.
Once applied to the skin it absorbs instantly and soaks in within seconds leaving behind no greasy residue.
The serum does have a light scent but it is really faint and did not irritate my sensitive skin in any way.
The great thing about L'Oreal Youth Code Luminize Super Serum is that it instantly perks up the skin
with a luminous glow very much like a highlighter does but with a more subtle approach - no shimmer/glitter!

As some many know I do not use a night cream as most are far too rich for my oily skin to handle
so instead I use a serum at night (I also apply this one in the morning too for little boost)
as it provides enough hydration as well allowing me to awaken to slightly more luminous skin.
Of course to see best results with a skin care product you do have to use it over a period of time but
this serum instantly hydrates and provides a light dewy glow to the skin.
After a week it aims to reduce the appearance of irregular pigmentation 
and gives the skin a brighter, fresher appearance.
I can not vouch for the irregular pigmentation as I don't have anything of the sort to test
but it certainly does perk up the skin and gives a healthy glow without being over the top.
After a month it does state that the same results will be had only more intensified 
and I completely agree my skin does looks so much brighter and illuminated 
so much so that I have stopped adding liquid highlighter to my foundation to perk my skin up 
as my skin really does not require it!

If you aren't quite at the anti-ageing stage in your life but would like to begin testing serums,
I highly recommend giving this a go as it will get you into the routine of applying one 
all the while boosting your skin's radiance and helping reduce the appearance of irregular pigmentation.
That being said it is a great partner to any moisturising product anti-ageing included!

L'Oreal Youth Code Luminize Super Serum (S) is available from selected L'oreal stockists
such as Superdrug - link 30ml/£14.99