I really don't want to bore you all with my sleeping patterns because frankly who cares haha?
But I really struggle to get a good nights sleep and desperation has drove me to look for natural
or non medical aides to help me land in Sleepy Town a little earlier than normal.

While browsing my friends Avon brochure I noticed a range called Sleeptherapy consisting of three items,
 a shower gel, a room/linen fragrance spray and a balm that you apply to your pulse points.
I skipped the balm as I'm not overly keen on that sort of thing but I did pick up the other two items.
The packaging illustration and light blue tint to the product really captures a sleepy doesn't it?

Before I tested the duo I was apprehensive about the scent, I thought it would reek of Lavender 
but luckily it doesn't, okay it has a light hint of Lavender but what sleep type product doesn't.
To me it has more of a calming Chamomile scent that has a slight dreamy touch of Lavender,
it really is a difficult fragrance to describe but rest assure it is really pleasant and not overly strong.

The room spray is best used a few hours before bedtime as it is fairly strong and lingers,
I spray it in the morning once I have made my bed and opened the curtains 
that way when I enter my room at night it is beautiful scented and ready for me to sleep in.
Now I'm not going to say that these products will cure sleep problems because they won't 
but they do have a relaxing scent that helps you unwind and relax before and while in bed
and if you go to bed stress free chances are your sleep will improve.
For me the scent is comforting and something I do use nightly.
Has my sleep pattern changed? Not really but I am far more chilled out while I'm not sleeping haha!

Do you struggle to get a good nights sleep? If so have you found a solution?
You can purchase the Avon Sleeptherapy range from avonshop.co.uk with prices starting at £3