New this April for Spring is L'Occitane Pivoine Delicate scent.
Pivoine Delicate combines the softness of Rose petals and Peony
blended with the green transparency of Lily of the Valley for a soft floral
with a powdery soft trail.

A moment for the packaging of this please...ahh!
This shimmer powder is such a show case piece isn't it?
It truly is a beautiful piece that comes accompanied with an equally pretty box,
okay it is not the most travel friendly object in the world but on a dresser it would be divine! 
The shimmer powder in the glass bottle is easily dispensed by a spray action allowing
even and easy coverage of any area you care for extra sparkle!

The powder itself is talcum soft and finely milled with the light scent of Pivoine Delicate.
Pivoine Delicate is a sweet almost twee floral scent that is really subtle, 
girlie and young in spirit and would be great to wear in the Spring.
The fine powder along with the delicate scent has a fine silver shimmer that illuminates
the skin giving it extra radiance, perfect for a night out or formal event. 
Although it is a shimmer powder it is in no way tacky nor is it packed with glitter,
basically if fairy dust was real this would be it!

Available from L'Occitane this coming April!