I'm not going to pretend that I am holier than thou
and have perfect skin with flawless habits
because frankly I don't but I do understand the importance of sun screen
even in the damp, grey miserable corner of the world I reside in!

Molton Brown never disappoint in terms of packaging - effortless chic and luxurious.
The Karanja Sunshield comes presented in a sleek matte white tube with aqua blue and silver accents.
I guess the only criticism is that it may appear a little clinical in appearance?
That aside the pump action makes dispensing the sunshield fuss free with minimal mess!

The sunscreen is aimed at those who burn easily in the sun which doesn't apply to me
but that doesn't mean I don't use a high factor especially when it comes to my face.
When on holiday I use total sun block on my face as sun damage is just too big a risk!
Molton Brown Karanja Sunshield is an SPF30 with UVA and UVB protection,
the sunshield is infused with Karanja seed oil which allows the sun screen to settle to a matte finish
which is perfect for all use make-up lovers and users who simply don't want the oily/greasy finish
that so many typical sun screens have - okay on the beach in everyday life not so much!

The sunshield itself is light and silky with a light floral scent that is very faint
and did not irritate my sensitive skin in any way.
It is a light, hydrating, non greasy liquid that acts as an age defence barrier.
The great thing about this is that you can apply this before you apply your make-up
or afterwards as it is matte in finish your make-up will not be ruined but your skin will be protected!
The SPF of 30 is a great high factor that will help to prevent not only sun burn but permanent damage.

Are you an avid user of a facial sun screens or do you only tend to reach for them when on holiday?

Molton Brown Karanja Sunshield (S) 50ml/£35 - link