Recently I was sent a few GHD items all of which were used on the London Fashion Week catwalks,
okay Fashion Week may be over for now but if GHD is good enough to be used on models
and survive the catwalk not to mention several clothing changes 
then you can bet it is good enough for my mop of unruly hair!

As expected with GHD (Good Hair Day) the product is stylishly packaged in a black spray bottle
with little metallic splashes of colour, the packaging represents the brand very well - simple, sophisticated. 
For easy use and dispense of product the Heat Protect Spray comes in a spray bottle
that is aerosol free so it is friendly on the environment as well as your hair!

Now how many of use can honestly say we are extremely vigilant when it comes to protecting 
the hair against heat damage? I know I can't!
But we really should be as heat styling really does play havoc with the hair 
and can contribute to terrible damage that no-one wants really.
So ladies and gents join me in my pledge to use heat protections each time we use heat!

The GHD Heat Protect Spray has a light, fresh, clean scent that is very subtle 
and can be used on damp hair or dry hair depending on how you decide to use heat.
This product can also be used in conjunction with any other hair product i.e hairspray, mousse.
As I have mentioned before when it comes to hair styling for me less is more,
I hate nothing more than sticky greasy hair thanks to product over kill!
Luckily this spray is light and does not make the hair sticky nor does it go crispy 
when you use it with straighteners, an odd thing to say admittedly but I have experienced crispy hair
with several heat protector sprays and let me tell you it is not pleasant!

All in all a really easy and effective spray to use (I noticed my hair stayed straighter longer when using this)
that has a clean scent and is affordable for such a well know hair care brand.
If you are looking for a really good Heat Protection Spray I recommend giving this a go!

GHD Style Heat Protect Spray (S) £9.95/120ml - link