In all honesty I often neglect my hands and forget to use a hand cream,
I don't do it on purpose I swear, it just turns out I have a severe case of lazyitus (real medical term and all).
My friend has scared me into using a hand cream, a photo of Madonna's hands will scare anyone stiff
and sent me running for a hand cream and what a hand cream it is.

I never truly understood all the fuss about L'Occitane hand creams (not hand cream will do that to you) 
but it is the hand saviour of any one in the know and who am I to argue?
L'Occitane have a huge selection of hand treatments that alter to various skin types etc,
the one I have been using is  Immoretelle Brightening Hand Cream which has an SPF 15
and a light floral scent that reminds me ever so slightly of daisies.

Unlike some of the L'Occitane hand creams this comes in a plastic squeeze bottle,
which is easy to use and doesn't get bashed when rambling around at the bottom of your bag!
In case you are wondering the Immorettle flower which the cream is named after never fades
even when picked and its natural organic oil is rich in anti-ageing properties
great for those that fear having hands like a fading 80's pop star (sorry Madge).

The cream itself is thick and luxurious and as mentioned has a light floral scent.
Although it is thick in texture it feels light on the skin and is comfortable to use.
It is non-greasy and absorbs almost instantly, it also instantly brightens the skin
with contact correcting any areas of uneven skin tone
and leaves the hands feel hydrated and relieved of any dryness.

I finally get the fuss over hand treatments and have been using this loyally for almost a full month.
If only I learned sooner!
Do you use hand cream as often as you should? If so what?

Available from L'Occitane's web page - link