File this under what the heck was I thinking?
Don't get me wrong I truly do think GOSH is a fabulous brand and adore their Electric Pink Blush
and their creme formula blushes are easily one of the best formulas out there
but GOSH Darling how did this become a beauty must have?

As with most items in the GOSH line this is packaged in a matte black case
that makes it appear more expensive that it actually is.
Much like any other matte packaging this grips to dirt etc like nothing peeve of mine.
That aside I have had no problems with any GOSH lipstick in terms of packaging,
they don't break easily nor do the lipsticks separate from the inner tube with ease either.

GOSH Darling is of course another nude hue but this borders towards concealer tones
than it does to my lips but better type of shades.
Darling is a really light creamy nude with a slight pink leaning, some have likened it to Mac Hue
but this is by far lighter and doesn't have the same glossy finish that makes Hue flattering.
I deem this to be cool in tone and on medium/deep skins this can appear a tad too stark!
On me this shade is far too pale and does me no favours but it can be used to lighten other lip shades
or you can alter the shade by using a gloss on top.

The formula of Gosh Velvet Touch lipsticks are silky soft and glide on with such ease
in the past I have found some velvet lipstick formulas to be a tad drying but this is a velvet dream!
It feels light and moisturising on the lips yet has unbelievable pigment levels
so much so that one swipe is all that is needed to provide full coverage -
this would be an wonderful formula for those with highly pigmented or dark lips (shade aside).
The deeper shades in this line can bleed a little so I do recommend using a liner and sealant,
but I have never experienced any flaking from this formula.
In terms of wear this lasted around 4-5 hours before signs of wear appeared.

Product Summary
Round Up - A bright creamy tones nude that may be a little stark on some skin tones.
Best For - Mixing in with other lip shades.
Pigmentation - (8/10) Really good.
Availability - Superdrug stores and via Superdrug's web store - link , £6.49