John Frieda Perfect Ends Deep Infusion

When it comes to hair care I really do feel less is more,
nothing annoys me more when I am at the hairdressers and they overload my hair with product.
For me my hair has to feel clean, non-sticky and natural,
hence why I don't own nor use a great deal of hair styling products.
I do however always use a serum of some sort as it really does work wonders with damaged hair.

John Frieda Perfect Ends Deep Infusion
John Frieda Perfect Ends Deep Infusion

The serum I have been using recently is John Frieda Full Repair Perfect Ends Deep Infusion
which like all the products in the Full Repair line comes packaged in a deep red bottle
and has a scent some what similar to Hugo Boss Deep Red...very pleasing indeed.
John Frieda Full Repair Perfect Ends Deep Infusion has a pump action dispenser
so it is very easy to control how much product you use each time
and I can safely say that the bottle is secure, it has been rolling around in my handbag
without as much as a droplet leaking or spilling!

John Frieda Perfect Ends Deep Infusion

As with the other Full Repair products this contains Inca Inchi oil which is rich in Omega-3,
unlike other serums this does not sit on the surface giving the illusion of repair
but actually absorbs deeply into worn areas of the hair to deep down repair.
It is weightless and helps repair the look and feel of damaged hair so the end result is soft shiny hair
that is full of bounce and protected against heat damage
so no need to use a separate heat defence...lazy ladies and men can rejoice!
The liquid itself is very loose and very much a liquid so take the less is more approach

John Frieda Perfect Ends Deep Infusion

I have used this for a little under a fortnight and have to admit that I am impressed,
the ends of my hair are really damaged due to over processing and heat so they have a tendency 
to appear fluffy/bushy and look frankly terrible.
Now I know the best solution for such problem would be to chop a good few inches off
but I can't bring myself to such steep measures when I have spent the best part of a year growing it!
I apply this to towel dried hair, blow dry and then straighten it and my hair not only looks much smoother,
less damaged and has a glossy shine even the dry areas but it feels miles better too!
I also noticed that the serum acts as barrier against humidity and light rain which is great.
Now I know it suggests to only use this in wet hair but I sometimes use the smallest amount on my ends when my hair is static or looking a little dry and it works wonderfully at smoothing it down
without being greasy or heavy.

Along with the Full Repair Deep Conditioner this has to be the stand out product in the range for me,
so much so that I have two bottles one that was kindly gifted and another that I bought!
Have you tried the Full Repair Range yet?

John Frieda Full Repair Perfect Ends Deep Infusion (S) 50ml/ £6.99