Goldwell Root Lift Spray

I have mentioned a few times I hate the feeling of product in my hair
but I do enjoy voluminous locks...quite the dilemma eh?
In the past I have used dry shampoo to add texture and a little volume
but truth be told they don't fully give me the va-va-voom I so desire
and why should they, their main purpose is to de-grease the hair.
Then I tried the volume powders which were more than a let down.
So what are our alternatives?

Goldwell Root Lift Spray
Goldwell Root Lift Spray

Well the one product that I have found is Goldwell Root Lift Spray which is a spray type mousse.
I am wary of mousse type products as they are typically sticky and not something I reach for.
Luckily this is very light, absorbs instantly into the roots (you apply to damp roots only)
and when used correctly it leaves behind no sticky residue.

Goldwell Root Lift Spray
Goldwell Root Lift Spray

I spray the tiniest amount into the palms of my hand and rub into my damp roots,
I then take the biggest barrel brush I can find and blow dry by pulling the hair away from my head.
Yes I know I'm not describing my method terribly well but it is very easy,
I'm currently sat with hair colour on my head or I would have provided so action photos.
My motto is the bigger the hair the closer to god haha!
The great thing about this spray is that it allows me to have all the volume I want
without any stickiness, bogging my hair down or the need for hairspray
as it provides hold as well as styling!

Overall so much better for providing volume than a dry shampoo or volume hair powders.
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