Rio Sonicleanse Skin Care Update

So a full week passed since I began trialing the Rio Soniclease Skin Care, 
and I can honestly say so far so good!
Luckily my skin has not purged yet but I have a feeling that may just be around the corner
as I have feel painful patches on my know the sensation just before you get a blemish?
Well that!

Rio Sonicleanse Skin Care Update
Rio Sonicleanse Skin Care Update

Other than that my skin seems brighter, softer and just generally looks healthier and radiant.
I have also noticed that any product I apply in terms of moisturiser etc soaks in instantly.
My foundation also applies much easier due to the surface of my skin being smoother.
I no longer use an exfoliant as I feel this removes the dead skin
as well as cleansing fully.

Rio Sonicleanse Skin Care Update

I have also got over the sensation of what is essentially brushing my face
and now look forward to using it both morning and night.
The only thing I haven't got past is remembering that it is waterproof
and can in-fact come in the shower with me haha!

So that is my one week update 
and I will return with a month update in a matter of weeks,
which I am sure will be more juicy thanks to the dreaded purge on it's way!!

Rio Soniclease (S) - £49.99 - link