I have had China Glaze Kaleidoscope Him Out in my collection for a long, long, long time
yet I have never as much as tested it until today.
Shall I admit to my inspiration and desire for blue nails?
Okay...Beyonce in all the latest photos of Miss Carter she has paid homage to her new bundle of joy
and has been sporting baby blue nails in honour of her bubba Baby Blue!

My choice is China Glaze Kaleidoscope Him Out which is actually a holographic shade,
I do enjoy holographic polishes they make me feel a little futuristic haha!
Sadly blue is not my colour and does not work with my skin tone as my friend kindly pointed out today!
Shade aside China Glaze polishes are one of my favourite brands,
they apply and wear like a dream and are reasonably priced.

Today was spent mooching around in my PJ's with a visit from a friend,
who kindly gifted me with some new jewels, which was rather kind.
I'm very much a bangle/bracelet kinda gal and love to stack them high
and love bright colours so these are very much me!

P.s I have added the Networked blogs widget to offer another follow option
hopefully it will be useful to some.