I have a few GHD hair care products to share but I'm going to keep each review short and sweet,
no-one really needs a 600 word essay on a hair care product!
When it comes down to it we all really want to know two things:
A, What does it claim to do?
B, Does it live up to such claims?

GHD Straight and Tame Cream claims to help tame unruly/curly hair quickly and easily,
locking in the style for longer and with sleeker results.
The cream comes sophisticated packaged with a pump dispenser for easy use,
it has the same light clean scent as the other GHD hair styling products.
The cream itself is thick but not overly so and is to be used in damp hair before you blow dry
or allow to dry naturally.

As I have wavy/curly hair that I often blow dry straight I tested both methods - curly/straight - heat/no heat.
When used in my wet hair before blow drying straight I noticed that my hair was so much sleeker
and that I could skip running the straighteners over it as it had a great glossy polished look.
A few days later I used it and left my hair to dry naturally 
and noticed that my waves/curls were more defined
and had much less frizz that normal which is something I suffer from terrible.
Another method that is not mentioned on the bottle is that it can be used as a finishing product
to smooth down stray or static hair or to slick into a pony tail etc.
In all the above methods it was never sticky and did not weigh my hair down
and I do recommend this if you have frizzy hair that you often blow dry straight as it helps enormously so!

GHD Straight and Tame Cream (S) 120ml/£14.95 - link