Today I have another Super by Dr. Nicholas Perricone,
this time I have a Coconut Water based product that just smells amazing!
It is all I can do not to eat it haha!

The Super skin care line by Dr. Nicholas Perricone believes that some foods are dramatically better
than others when it comes to being beneficial for the skin - i.e ageing well and providing beautiful skin.
This group he refers to is the Superfoods all of which are used in various products throughout the line.
Each product targets a specific need i.e ageing, blemishes and so on.
The products are all beautifully presented with a simplistic approach - clear jars with black lids
and each skin concern is colour coordinated with a simple shot of colour on the label.
What is really great is that the box packaging is 80% recycled pretty and environmentally friendly!

"As light and refreshing as a freshly tapped coconut, this tropical topical treatment treat
leaves the skin soft to the touch and smelling sweet.
Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) the fatty acid found in coconut,
are easily absorbed to quench your skin's thirst.
So refreshing your skin will say ahhh."

The moisturiser is a medium consistency gel meets cream type texture,
that sinks into the skin almost immediately without any oily residue or feeling overly moisturising.
It dries to a matte finish which is a perfect base to apply make-up on to off.
Once applied the skin instantly feels softer and I found it to soothe after a day in the sun.
In my opinion this is a little too intense for my oily skin but for anyone with normal to dry skin
this could be the hydration that your skin may often cry out for.
The light coconut scent is amazing and smells authentic and is not at all overpowering.
The Super Hydrator also comes with a dinky little spoon to help you apply it in a novel way!

Super Hyper Hydrator and all the items in the entire line are not tested on animals 
nor do they have any nasties such as parabens, synthetic dyes or fragrances.
I know these elements can make or break a buy for many of my readers so I like to include this
knowledge when possible and I really am trying my best to source as many natural and cruelty free
products as humanly possible!

The Super Hyper Hydrator (S) 30ml/£29.50 - Available from