Yep this was actually free with this months Cosmopolitan Magazine 
which is still on the shelves should you want to rush out and get yourself a copy to grab
this freebie or one of the other free Clinique gifts at £3.50 an issue it is a steal on the make-up front!

As with all Clinique products simplicity is key when it comes to packaging,
the gloss/balm comes encased in a transparent squeeze type tube with a spout like applicator.
The applicator allows you to apply the gloss on the go with ease and fuss free.

Grapefruit is a mid toned pink with a slight blue/lilac undertone. 
In the tube the gloss looks pigmented but not at all a shocking shade or overly bright,
not like that matters as once applied it is little more than a clear close with the tiniest tinge of pink.
If you are looking for a bright pink gloss then this is not the shade for you
but if you like almost transparent shades than you will enjoy this.

Clinique Superbalm Moisturising Gloss is a cross of both gloss and balm,
it feels like a balm on the lips - slightly thick and moisturising but not sticky.
I do think it could do with being a little thinner in consistency as it is not 
the most comfortable lip product to wear which lets it down as it does feel hydrating!
Yet you don't have any of the stickiness that we often associate with a typical lip gloss.
In all honesty the pigmentation/colour pay off of this particular shade is not great
but it is nice to wear on its own for a subtle hint of colour or layered over another lip product.
In terms of wear I found this to last a little over an hour which I guess is typical of this kind of product.

Product Summary
Round Up - A thick textured lip product that feels like a balm yet looks like a gloss on the lips.
Best For - Delivering a glossy hint of a tint.
Pigmentation - (2/10) On the lips the colour is pretty much non-existent.
Availability - As mentioned free with Cosmo but these are avaliable to buy via Clinique - link