I was sent a huge range of goodies to test from Apivita Natural Cosmetics
so much that I have had to split it into a few posts to not overwhelm.
Apivita have been around since 1979 and are Greece's first natural cosmetic company in Greece!
Random fact but Apivita means the life of the bee and derives from two Latin words.

All of Apivita products come very simply packaged and do have a slight ring of Pharmaceutical about them
which is most likely on purpose given both the creators are pharmacists.  
Packaging doesn't really fuss me one or the other as long as it does the job
which all the products more than do!
The Apivita range has a wide variety of products all of which are well priced
and come in a variety of sizes to suit budgets and requirements.

I want to quickly mention that I have not used these products for a prolonged period of time
as they are sample sizes but I have used each of the sample sizes until they were finished
which was around the week mark.

Apivita Body Tonic, Toning Body Milk with Bergamot and Green Tea - link

This is a body moisturiser which is very much like a body lotion.
The scent is calming yet not so much so that it makes you want to nod off,
it is also a scent that either sex could use with ease.
The ingredients - Bergamont and Green Tea are renowned for their antibacterial
and skin protection qualities so not only does this moisturise but it also protects the skin.
I found this to be a light weight non-greasy, quick absorbing lotion that left my skin soft
and subtle with a light hint of scent which was pleasant and natural.
If I am truthful I can't say I noticed any toning properties but
yes I did enjoy using this product but in all honesty I do prefer body butters.

Apivita Body Tonic, Toning Bath and Shower Gel with Bergamont and Green Tea - link

This shares the same calming scent as the product above and again is very much a unisex product.
As with the body milk this shower/bath gels share the antibacterial and protection qualities.
This can be used as a shower gel, a body wash while in the tub or poured under a running tub
for a relaxing bubble bath.
As a shower gel I had no problems getting this to foam with or without a loofah
and I did find it left my skin feeling cleansed without leaving it tight or uncomfortable.
I actually really enjoyed this product and I am rather tempted to order the full size version.

Apivita Handcare Cream for Dry-Chapped Hands with Balsam and Mastic - link

The first thing you will notice when using this product is the scent
and I'm afraid it is one you will either love or loathe - for me it is a little too intense and masculine.
The cream itself is very oily and is more of a barrier cream than anything
as it never fully absorbs into the skin but leaves behind a slightly greasy barrier.
I believe part of the problem with this product is that it is aimed at chapped hands
and I don't as much as have dry skin on mine so it is a little too much for my skin type
but if you work in harsh conditions or weather I can imagine this would be a god send!

Have your tried any Apivita products?
Are you intrigued by any so far?