If you read this blog regularly you will know my love of neutral shades
and even more so my passion from multi-purpose products.
I hate lumping around lots of products so The Body Shop Shimmer Waves is right up my street!
Also multi-purpose products are a god send for taking on holiday...hello new purchases in duty free.

Much like most of The Body Shop cosmetic products this comes housed in a transparent plastic case,
surprisingly for a plastic compact this does not look cheap rather it has a minimalist effect
and is practical for travel due to it being sturdy and great for instantly spotting what is housed inside.

The Body Shop Shimmer Waves palettes come in two shade variations - Bronze and Blush,
one to use as a bronzer type product and the other to be used as a blush.
The Bronze version is composed of various warm neutral type shades - light and dark!
Each wave is large enough to fit an eyeshadow brush so you can double your product usage.
When the waves are swirled together it forms a mid rosy toned bronze, 
on light to medium skin tones used as a face product this will be a bronzer
however on deeper tones this will be a highlight type of product.

The Body Shop Shimmer Waves is firm to the touch but rather pigmented,
each shade gives great colour pay off and is easy to apply and blend.
It also applies just as well as a bronzer/blush and has next to none product fall out.
The finish of each shade in the wave is shimmer based and metallic but very subtle at that,
there is no glitter just a metallic sheen which can be easily blended out.
On my eyes each shade wore for approximately 5 hours without creasing without a primer
and on my cheeks again without a primer it faired a little better and wore for around 7 hours.

Product Summary
Round Up - A multi-tasking palette of warm metallic bronze shades which can be used on the eyes
and cheek area.
Best For - Adding a hint of bronze to your face and for saving space in your make-up bag!
Pigmentation - (7/10) Easy enough to get great colour pay off.
Availability - The Body Shop stores and via their web store - link £16/8.5g (S)