I'm really enjoying baked products at the moment aren't I?
That and as usual I'm still seeking out neutral toned products,
I guess old habits die hard eh? (If you didn't think of Bruce Willis I salute you!)

As with the majority of The Body Shop cosmetic products this comes housed in a transparent case,
it is sturdy and is wonderful for spotting what shade is inside when in a hurry.
I rather like the cleaness and simplistic approach The Body Shop have taken towards the packaging!

Copper is a duo of a warm copper bronze shade that leans slightly golden and orange
and a deep bronze shade with a hint of purple which is rather pretty in the pan.
You can use the shades individually or swirled together.
The copper shade is very similar to Mac Amber Lights but a little lighter.
I have found that this duo really enhances blue eyes and makes them appear lighter
but this would look just as pretty on any other eye shade, 
I can only report on blue eyes as that is what I have haha!

In some ways this reminds me of the Mac Baked Duo's but they are much firmer to the touch
and so far away from the frosty/glittery versions Mac have been releasing lately.
This product can be used both wet and dry depending on the effect you are after,
wet they become much more intense and have a slight foil effect.
Both methods are easily achieved with this formula but they do blend best dry.
Dry this duo is metallic finish but as mentioned glitter free and has little fall out.
The colour pay off this is substantial but not quite on par with other Body Shop eye products.
The effect of the duo dry is fairly subtle and would be suitable for any eye type including mature eyes.
When dry this formula lasted close to 6 hours on my un-primed eye lids 
and wet it was oddly slightly less just under 5 hours but I feel that may have been my oily skin?

Product Summary
Round Up - An copper duo that can be used wet or dry and as individual shades or mixed together.
Best For - Fans of  baked formulas and/or golden eye hues.
Pigmentation - (6/10) As mentioned not as great as the other Body Shop eye products.
Availability - The Body Shop stores and via their online store - link £10/2g (S)