The Born Lippy range by The Body Shop have had an image over haul,
gone are the cutesy fruit prints that featured on the labels and in are graphic pop art designs.
But the glazed cherry on top is that the you can now get the Born Lippy balms in stick form,
perfect for those that loved the Born Lippy range but hated dipping their fingers in a pot.

There is 6 shades in total I plan on collecting them all, much like Pokemon...yes I went there.
Each shade has a colour co-ordinated tube casing with a lip motif, very cute indeed.
The great thing about these balms is not only do they hydrate and condition the lips
but they also add a subtle hint of colour and a light sheen to the lips.
Each shade is also subtly scented which is typical of The Body Shop scent range.

The strawberry version is a mid toned yellow pink that has a sweet strawberry scent,
if you are a fan of strawberry ring pops then you need this in your life, they smell so alike!
Okay the scent is a little artificial but really pleasant and sweet by every definition of the word.
On the lips the shade is subtle and quite light, the sheen is more apparent than the colour
making it perfect to layer over another lip product to add a layer of moisture and shine.
This balm does not heal the lips nor does it have any medicinal purposes not that it claims to,
so if you have really dry or chapped lips you may require something more intense.
I found it to lightly hydrate my lips, comfortable to wear and to last around 2 hours per application.

You can pick this or any of the other 5 shades at your local Body Shop 
or via their web store - link 5G/£3 (S)