Sleek MakeUp Lash Out Mascara

I have tried pretty much every product from SleekMakeUp but never a mascara
so I was rather excited to road test Lash Out!

Sleek MakeUp Lash Out Mascara
Sleek MakeUp Lash Out Mascara
Sleek MakeUp Lash Out Mascara

Lash Out is packaged in a bright cerise pink tube that is thicker at the top than the bottom
which sports a bold black graphical print - not everyone's taste but I rather like it.
The tube itself is plastic and a good size particularly the mascara wand handle,
not too small that it is fiddly to use not is it oversized that has it's own world of difficulties. 

Sleek MakeUp Lash Out Mascara
Sleek MakeUp Lash Out Mascara
Sleek MakeUp Lash Out Mascara

The brush housed inside the pink case is a natural fibre one,
I prefer this type of brush it works best with my naturally fine and straight eyelashes.
Some may deem this type of bristle out dated thanks to the recent flurry of moulded mascara wands et al
but it really does work wonders when you are not blessed in the eyelash department.
The brush itself is slim but fairly long in length, being slim it made light work of grabbing and coating
those tiny lashes at the inner corner of the eye and of course those pesky bottom lashes.

Sleek MakeUp Lash Out Mascara
 Coat One.
Sleek MakeUp Lash Out Mascara
 Coat Two.
Sleek MakeUp Lash Out Mascara
Sleek MakeUp Lash Out Mascara
Coat three.

Lash Out has no scent and did not irritate my eyes - my eyes water/sting with the use of anything scented.
The mascara claims to length and add volume to the eyelashes in one stroke with a dose of extreme pigment.
I did find Lash Out to be really black and to add volume and length but not in an overly obvious way,
one coat gave a natural effect but did dramatically make my eyelashes look longer and thicker.
The nice thing about this mascara is that you can layer it on for a more dramatic effect without it clumping
and flaking or you apply one coat for a light natural fluttery look.
As mentioned my eyelashes are fine and straight which can be overwhelmed by some formulas 
but this did not weigh them down but felt light.
The Lash Out mascara is not too wet nor too dry in formula, slap bang in the middle of the two!
The lasting power is also great it wore for a good eight hours without flaking, smudging or smearing
and was comfortable through out the entire application.
For a budget buy mascara I have no grumbles.

Product Summary
Round Up - A great everyday mascara that can be built up easily or worn naturally.
Best For - Everyone but if like I you have straight and fine eyelashes give this a go as it did not weigh my eyelashes down.
Availability - SleekMakeUp - link £7

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