Pure Gold Collagen Drinks

Admittedly a little change of pace but none the less still beauty related of sorts.
Let me begin by saying that I simply could not stomach the taste of these food supplements
so my ever brave mother tested and completed the 10 day trial.

Pure Gold Collagen Drinks

The official blurb :
"Pure GOLD COLLAGEN® contains hydrolysed collagen to act from within. Few key steps highlight the Pure GOLD COLLAGEN® mechanism
A) When administered orally, hydrolysed collagen reaches the small intestine where it can be digested to form dipeptides and tripeptides or free amino acids.
B) These peptides are easily absorbed across the small intestine membrane where they enter the blood stream. In addition, clinical and in-vivo studies have shown that these peptides have high biological activity .
C) Through blood vessels collagen peptides are distributed in the human body and in particular in the dermis of the skin where it has been proven they can remain up to 14 days.
D) Once in the skin the collagen peptides act with a double mechanism, i) Collagen peptides and free amino acids provide building blocks for the formation of collagen and elastic fibres; ii) Collagen peptides stimulate both the activity and the proliferation of fibroblasts. Benefits of fibroblasts activation: 
1) Increased collagen synthesis; 2) Increased elastin synthesis; 3) Increased hyaluronic acid synthesis."

Pure Gold Collagen Drinks
Pure Gold Collagen Drinks

Basically you drink this liquid once a day over a course of 10 days to boost the skin's collagen levels
which in return should increase the skin's elasticity and prevent ageing of the skin.
Good idea in theory but the liquid tastes rank! 
It has a somewhat fishy taste mixed with antibiotics yum yum...
It also leaves behind an even worse after taste in its wake.
I honestly couldn't finish one 50ml bottle never mind the whole 10 day course.
My mum also reported that the taste really did dampen the whole experience 
and is not something she would care to repeat any time soon.

Pure Gold Collagen Drinks

At the end of the 10 days admittedly my mothers skin was somewhat softer but in no way plumper.
The results were on par with a half decent face cream but nothing spectacular or note worthy.
Perhaps had the course been a little more intense or longer maybe the results would reflect better.
For £35.99 I expect so much more from a product than semi soft skin.
I wouldn't recommend this product/course as you can get much superior results from a cheaper face cream
which will last you much longer than 10 days!
However I guess it is like everything nothing ventured nothing gained.

Have you or would you try this product?

Avaliability - www.boots.com - link £35.99 per 10 day course (10 x50ml bottles)

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