I have had Siren for a while but seem to forget to review it!
Which is a shame as it is a lovely shade and one red lip stick lovers should enjoy.
If you purchase often from No.7 you will be used to their plain but elegant packaging.
It's simple yet effective and will suit a wide range of age groups,
okay some times we may want young and funky packaging 
but as long as it protects the lipstick I really couldn't care less about the case.

Siren is an ever so slightly orange toned red, perhaps my favourite type of red!
I tried my best to portray the orange under tone but the camera couldn’t quite capture it
but rest assure the orange tone is very much evident in real life.
It is a warm red and if you like shade such as Mac So Chaud you'll enjoy this shade!
Typically speaking I find orange toned red's to be best suited to medium/dark skin tones
but I can see no reason to why a paler skinned lady can not rock this!
Confidence is key :)

Now the formula...
well Moisture Drench gets a huge thumbs up from me!
It is not often that you get a really moisturising lip shade that has great colour pay off.
In my experience most moistiurising shades are little more than a tinted lip balm
but not the Moisture Drench formula, they hydrate yet coat your lips in a high dose of pigment.
The finish of Moisture Drench is slightly glossy but not overly so it's not matte at all
and they slick on with ease all the while being comfortable to wear.
I achieved around 3 and half hours of wear before requiring a touch up 
which isn't the best in terms of wear time but giving how moisturising the formula is, 
I can over look a little extra touch up here and there.

Product Summary
Round Up - A lovely day to day pink tinged nude with a lovely hydrating formula.
Best For - Those who like their lipsticks to moisturise as well as add colour.
Pigmentation - (8/10) Really great for such a moisturising formula.
Availability - Boots and Boots.com - link , £10