Another product from the Natural Collection which will more than likely be my last.
I'm sorry to say but the collection just leaves me underwhelmed 
and yes I am aware that it is a budget brand but there is plenty of better budget brands out there.
Just my two cents...

As with the rest of the Natural Collection line this comes packaged in white plastic packaging
that has a transparent screw off lid that rather than cheapen the over all look
it breaks up the white plastic and makes it much more aesthetically pleasing.
The blush most definitely seems much more sturdy than the lipstick I tested a while back
and I do not feel that it will remove itself from the casing any time soon!

Natural Collection Peach Melba is a mid tone peach shade
that has a strong brown undertone which does not read as orange once swatched/applied.
I feel this shade will be best suited to the light- medium skin toned 
as on deeper skin tones I do feel this could gleam ashen.
Formula aside this would make a pretty spring/summer flush of colour.
In terms of dupes it is not world's apart from Mac Melba blush 
but only in terms of colour not formula.

The formula is not on par with a top end blush it most definitely feels lower end drug store to me
and I don't mean that in a snobbish manner, I'm simply stating what I guess to be the obvious?
Don't get me wrong the powder is well pressed and presented but you do experience fall out.
I found the blush to have a high talcum scent and to feel really chalky and dry.
It blended reasonably well but felt heavy and cakey on my skin so for that reason alone
I do not recommend building this shade up as it will surely cake and look horrid.
The pigmentation is surprisingly okay and would more than suffice on light/medium skin shades
if you have a deep complexion I would recommend testing the shade before purchasing
as I fear it may turn ashen on such skin tones.
In terms of wear Peach Melba managed around 6 hours before fading which is fairly average.

Product Summary
Round Up - A dusky peach blush that leans slightly brown once swatched.
Best For - In terms of skin tone I'd say light-medium and best for a back up type of product.
Pigmentation - (6/10) Not ground breaking nor is it terrible.
Availability - £1.99 from Boots stores only.