Continuing with my Spring theme, I have decided to review a lovely pastel palette today.
I really do have Spring fever and can not wait for warmer days
and excuse to paint my nails in sugary sweet shades...sigh!

Like all the palettes in the MUA pro range this comes in a flat black and transparent plastic palette,
the transparent lid is particularly useful for spotting what shades are inside
and generally identifying which palette is which...always great when you are in a rush.
Admittedly these do feel a little flimsy but so far I haven't had any catastrophes!

MUA Pretty Pastels is officially described as "A collection of eye shadows that will add softness
to your eyes, perfect for all occasions"
This is pretty much apt and the palette has every soft pastel shade you can imagine
from light neutrals to little pops of pastel colour, my favourite shades being the lovely peachy hues!

Unlike previous palettes this is completely constructed of shimmer/metallic shades
which is my favourite formulation but perhaps a little annoying for those that like a little variety!
Overall the shades are firm - much more so than the individual shades in the £1 line
but they do become rather soft when it comes to application and there is a large amount of product fall out.
I found the shades generally to be well pigmented but some of the really light shades where a little
less so in comparison to the deeper shades but I find that to often be the case.
Just like any other powder eyeshadow these do work best when used with a primer,
without these shades last around 4 hours before creasing but with they can easily last a full working day.

Product Summary
Round Up - A great way to introduce a pop of pastel colour into your make-up collection.
Best For - Lovers of metallic/shimmer formula.
Pigmentation - (6/10) Above average.
Avaliability - Selected Superdrug's and their web page - link, The Mua store - link £4