Spring has sprung...
okay not quite but the pastel colours have been calling to me recently
and nothing more than pale lavender lipsticks!

The packaging as with all Barry M lipsticks is the same black uniform
which is matte and slightly square in shape.
It is not the most visually appealing nor is it ugly and most importantly it protects the shade inside.
For a black packaged lipstick it is actually quite recognisable
so kudos to Barry M!

Palest Lavender (129) is a light milky lilac shade that has a pink undertone.
It looks scary in bullet form but applies sheer unless you build it up,
which I have done in my lip swatch in order to show you it at it's full capacity.
On the lips when wore sheer it adds a light glossy hint of colour that in my opinion is
more pink than lilac but still gives a milky effect.
This shade adds a tint rather than a full on flush of colour
so if you like your lip shades light this is a shade to pick up.

The Barry M lipstick formula can be a little hit and miss,
some shades can be rather drying and a layer of lip balm before application is a must
yet others have a slightly glossy finish and feel and are not quite as drying.
The annoying thing is Barry M lipsticks don't come labelled as to what formula they are,
some are definitely more matte or glossy than others and the only way of knowing
is to swatch or blind buy in the hope that you have a shade with a decent formulation.
Luckily this shade is soft to apply and has a light glossy finish.
I wouldn't go as far saying it is hydrating but it is not as drying 
as some of the other shades I have encountered.
With a glossy finish I find comes a reduced wear time
and in this shade's case it lasted around 2 hours before signs of wear appeared.

Product Summary
Round Up - A really light lilac shade that border lines pink.
Best For - Used lightly.
Pigmentation - (5/10) Not as pigmented as the other shades in the range.
Availability - Barry M counters nation wide such as Superdrug and Boots, £4.49 - link