Mac Red Head is the other MSF that was released as part of the Naturally collection.
I'm a little confused to why they only released two out of three of the original MSF's?
The semi-official reason is that Brunette did not fit the scheme/theme
but that is a bit weak considering they have blue eyeshadows which are hardly natural!
In my opinion Brunette would have easily slotted into the scheme of things,
Mac missed a trick as how many people would buy the full set?

Mac Red Head MSF is a re-promote, it was originally released in 2009 as part of the 
Brunette, Blonde and Red Head collection so you will more than likely have seen it before.
As with the vast majority of Mac products this comes neatly presented in a black case
with a transparent disc centred in the lid - really handy for spotting what is inside.
I think the Mac packaging simplistic and practical, the sturdy casing protects the contents
all the while looking classic and suiting the majority of tastes.

I want to quickly explain what an MSF powder is as I get quite a few comments
asking exactly what an MSF is whenever I post about such product.
An MSF stands for Mineral Skin Finish and they come in two different variations,
MSF, which is the one I'm posting about today is a shimmer based product that can be utilised 
in a number of ways depending on the shade - eyeshadow, blush or highlighter.
MSF Natural are face powders they have no shimmer and depending on the shade you purchase 
they can be used as a setting powder, powder foundation or bronzer.

Mac Red Head MSF consists of four various complementary golden hues, 
that graduate from light to dark much like the other variation - Blonde.
I want to describe Red Head as a medley of oyster pink tones but feel that may be selling it sort.
Basically Red Head is the warmer and more golden version of Blonde MSF,
if you prefer warmer/golden toned highlight shades then this is the one to pick from the two.
The shades swirled together form a light toned golden ink shade that is rather pretty.
Red Head can be used as a blush or highlighter depending on your skin tone,
you can even use a small brush and apply each shade as individual blush or eye shades.
This is a shimmer based shade that has a slight metallic finish but no gritty glitter or such.

The pigmentation of Red Head surprised me, in one swipe it produced a high colour pay off
that applied smoothly and evenly without much fall out if any.
As I only received this today I have to tell you about my general experience with MSF's
of the same formulation in terms of wear.
I find MSF's when applied as either a blush or highlighter to last around six hours on my oily skin
but that is with use of a primer so the wear time is fairly average and doesn't really warrant
the price tag that accompanies the product sadly.
They are light and comfortable to wear and do produce a lovely glow,
that being said the majority of shades are easily duped. 

Product Summary
Round Up - A face product that can be used in various ways, consists of four golden pink shimmery shades.
Best For - This will show up on any skin tone but will look cooler in tone the deeper the skin shade.
Pigmentation - (8/10) Soft and well pigmented
Availability - Mac and Mac counters for a limited time only - link, £21.50/10g