Part two of two!
I have had to split the eyeshadow's into two parts as five shades with individual shade run downs etc
as five shades with mini reviews was far too much for one post.
I do apologise for the Mac invade that has been yet again been today 
if you hate Mac maybe best to steer clear of this blog until Sunday haha!

Okay just a quick run down about the mineralize formula and packaging.
They are housed in the typical black casing with transparent lid - simple and classic.
I dislike the formula of the Mineralize eyeshadows I often find them gritty and hard to work with,
some shades have to be applied wet or with a mixing medium to yeild decent colour pay off,
the wear time all depends on the shade and factors such as primer or if you applied wet or dry.
I must make it clear that Mac do state that these are softly tinted shades
and are intended to be subtle washes of colour not full on pigmented eye shadows!
Applied dry with a primer I roughly achieve around five hours of wear before they crease
but wet and again with a primer it is around the seven hour mark.

Part two is the golden/natural shades from the collective,
I have gave each shade individual notes and tried to keep it as condensed as possible.

In the Sun 
Described by Mac as "Golden with violet veining" - Golden yes but the veining is more maroon
than violet in my opinion, this shade has visible golden glitter which is quite chunky
and gritty to the touch.
When the shades are swirled together the end result is a warm golden bronze shade
that has an orange tint in my opinion it is not all that dissimilar to Mac Amber Lights.
out of the five shades this is one of the better pigmented shades.

Summer Haze
"Palest Gold with Deeper Gold veining" I have to disagree it is an ivory shade
that has swirls of golden bronze throughout not all the gold.
This shade is smooth with fine shimmer but does have suffer fall out.
When the shades blend together they do form a gold like shade
that is rather similar to Urban Decay Half Baked
again one of those shades that you more than likely already own.

Each of the above shades are limited edition and currently available from Mac counters and online
for £16.50/2.5g - link