Mac Optimistic Orange Cremeblend Blush is one of three limited edition shades
from the Mac Shop,Shop, Shop, Cook, Cook, Cook Collection - what a mouth full!
The other two didn't really call out to me and seemed fairly average and duplicable with ease,
i.e Mac Florida looks very similar to Topshop's Flush Blush and the other shade is not me at all.

Mac Optimistic Orange is officially listed as a "bright orange" which I can not argue with,
it is indeed a bright orange with a slight red leaning making it a warm shade.
It is one of those shades that looks terribly frightening in the pan 
but is completely wearable when applied lightly unless all out colour is your aim.

To achieve a natural flush of colour I use a Mac 187 brush and stipple it on.
When applied lightly the end result is a light peachy coral shade that is rather pretty
not to mention completely wearable!
Due to the high colour pay off this shade is suitable for all skin colours
wither you like the shade or not is another question!

Technically Cremeblend blushes are a crème formula but they do feel slightly more wet
and slippery, it some what reminds me more of a gel formula opposed to a crème formula.
With such formula it does apply with ease - it glides on and provides a sheer flush of pigment
as earlier mentioned it is really pigmented so the colour pay off is pretty incredcible.
It applies pretty wet and shiny but dries down to a natural dewy finish with a light sheen.
I found the formula to sit comfortabley on the skin, it does not sit in the pores or lines
and it wore for around six hours on my skin type on normal to dry types this will last longer.

This is a limited edition shade and exclusive to Selfridges until the 28th of Febuary,
£17/5.6g - link