This is the other lipstick shade I purchased - restrain is my middle name.
In all honesty the other shades didn't really speak to me and £13.50 per shade adds up and quickly!
I love the cutesy packaging of this line but the colour palette is a little bright for my taste.

Mac Watch Me Simmer looks very different on various people so be warned!
On me it appears how it looks in the bullet but on others it can look lighter and brighter
so I really do urge you do swatch this in-store to avoid disappointment!
This is the shade that sold out pretty much instantly and I think it will do so again
when it it is released fully - so be quick ladies if this one for you!

Mac Watch Me Simmer is officially listed as a bright pink-orange, 
It is clearly more pink than orange but there is a slight warm orange undertone
which results in a vibrant almost neon pink hue!
It reminds me some what of Mac Impassioned, I'm not calling them out right dupes
but they are pretty close in my opinion.
A nice shade but not one for those shy of colour...talking about myself here!

The formula of Watch Me Simmer is amplified which results in it being rich in pigment
one swipe provides bright, bold opaque colour pay off.
Again this has the typical Mac Vanilla scent - not detectable on the lips
and I find Amplified formula lipsticks to last around 3-4 hours with ease.

Available now from - link , £13.50