I'll be honest in saying that quite a few products failed to hit the mark this month
but only some happened to be truly disappointing, where as the others tended to be
more middle ground and neither great nor poor so I felt it was best just to focus on 
the products that really left me wishing I had spent my money else where!

Boots Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in shade Rose Petal -
Does not deliver any shine nor moisture, the lipstick broke before I even used it
and I found the shade stark and completely unflattering!

MUA Single Eyeshadow Shade 20 Matt - I had hopes this shade would be a deep
true black shade that would pack more than a punch in the pigmentation stakes.
Sadly it applied chalky and patchy not at all what I had anticipated.

Sephora Crayon Eye Pencils (various shades) - I have tested a few shades of these
and they always leave me feeling dissatisfied as they don't apply nor wear particularly well,
they pull on my skin and take quite a bit of effort to reap any reward. 

No.7 Metallic Eyes Pencil in Blue - I have been informed that my pencil appears to be a dud
as generally it appears that the majority of you lovely lot that have used these had nothing but 
positive things to say so my grumble is with Boots No.7 Glasgow!
How is it that only on average 1 out if 4 products I purchase from your stores are up to standard?
I have so far encountered mousse eyeshadows that have turned and separated, lipsticks that have melted
and most recently this pencil which is far from soft!

Korres Jasmine Lip Butter - Of all the lip butters from Korres I have tested I have found this to be 
the poorest variation, the colour pay off is only so so and the scent is not really to my taste.

Any products you'd like to banish to the beauty bin?