MAC 224 Brush

I very seldom review make-up brushes and in all honesty there is no rhyme or reason for this.
Perhaps it is because I purchase them, wash them and put said brushes straight to use
without any second thoughts, that and brushes are pretty mundane aren't they?

MAC 224 Brush
MAC 224 Brush

The reason for this post is due to the queries on how I apply my paint pots and other bases
so that they only deliver a sheer wash of colour and act as a setting medium 
and the answer is the Mac 224 brush and my finger tips.f the s
I blot on the chosen cream base with my finger tips
and buff until I have my desired effect with the Mac 224 brush.

MAC 224 Brush
MAC 224 Brush

Many sing the praises of the ever famous 217 brush which I do own a few of 
and admittedly I do like but not quite as much as I like the 224 brush.
Unlike the 217 brush the 224 is tapered and has synthetic bristles,
this allows me to easily apply cream products to the lid and buff them away to next to nothing
with very little ease or effort, it also works equally well with powder formulas.
As it is tapered I find it is easier to control and distribute the product,
I also enjoy how soft the bristles are on my delicate eye area.

Okay the down side a Mac 224 brush will set you back a whooping £22 - link
but as with the majority of Mac brushes if you treat it lovingly
it will last you forever and a day.