I have reviewed these numerous times so I will keep the review brief.
and let the swatches and photographs do most of the talking for me!

Korres lip butters are slightly tinted lip balms that have a high gloss finish,
they moisturise and add a hint of colour to the lips but do not have any medicinal values.
If the potted version of these balms freak you out a little,
you can purchase these in a traditional stick form...more hygienic and all!

Each lip butter is a blend of Shea butter and rice wax, free of petroleum jelly.
In my opinion Korres lip butters are some of the softest balms available,
they melt with first contact of skin and feel buttery soft too and are not sticky at all.

The Pomegranate version is the mildest in terms of fragrance that I have encountered thus far. 
Like the other scents it does have a slight plastic ring 
and does discretely have a scent of pomegranate although it is faint.
The shade is a strawberry red which a slight brown tone,
one the lips it is very flattering, very much a glossy my lips but better shade.
The shade like the fragrance is also the weakest that I have tested.

Product Summary

Round Up - A soft soft lip balm that does not heal but instead adds a hint of colour 
and keeps the lips soft throughout the day.
Best For - Those who like tinted lip balms and do not need a balm to heal.
Pigmentation - (4/10) Quite weak but it is a tinted lip balm.
Availability - You can buy these from feelunique.com - link for £5.40.