Bourjois Mascara Elastic

Who doesn't want longer eyelashes?
A mascara that claims to stretch eyelashes by 130% has to worth a whirl, doesn't it?
Well not when it comes to Bourjois Mascara Elastic.

Bourjois Mascara Elastic
Bourjois Mascara Elastic

Am I alone in thinking the handle on Bourjois Mascara Elastic is totally odd?
I'm actually quite fearful of it, one slip and bam eye gone!
Okay slight exaggeration but you see my point or maybe you won't if you use this haha!
I'm here all night ladies and gents.

Bourjois Mascara Elastic
Bourjois Mascara Elastic

The handle is not only ugly aesthetically but really irritating when it comes to using it.
The thinness of the handle makes it difficult to grip and also throws it off balance
as the actually wand is rather weighted...pointless design completely!

Bourjois Mascara Elastic
Bourjois Mascara Elastic

 Like most modern mascara's on the market this has a moulded plastic head,
the brush is jam packed with tiny little bristles that seem to hold on to mascara rather well.
The idea behind these brushes is that unlike natural fibre brushes these not only distribute 
the mascara on to the eyelashes but also combs as it goes.
There does seem to be quite a bit of excess mascara on the wand when you remove it from the tube
so I do suggest wiping a little of the excess off before applying to prevent clumping etc.

Bourjois Mascara Elastic
Bourjois Mascara Elastic
Up-close you can see how messy it is.
I wanted to like Bourjois Mascara Elastic I really did, 130% extra length and all
but man was it terrible, there was no visible added length what so ever!
The mascara clumps despite being combed through with the plastic brush 
and then again with a mascara comb.
When applying it does not distribute well at all, preferring to clump close to the waterline
and not applying to the ends of my eyelashes.
Like I did you may may think oh I just need to build it up a little, coat by coat
but nope this made no difference at all.
It is too wet in formula and flakes through out the day.
I have shade 41 Black Unlimited and a black pigments go this is pretty weak.
It's only redeeming features are that it is scent free and does not irate my sensitive eyes
but this is in no way a mascara I would re-purchase nor recommend to anyone.

Product Summary
Round Up - An under performing lengthening mascara that does not lengthen at all!
Availability - Boots £9.49