Boots No.7 Metallic Eyes Pencil 03 Blue

You wouldn't be mistaken for thinking that No.7 has more than a whiff of Nars about it,
They very much look like Nars Larger Than Life pencil liners but with a smaller price tag!
Boots No.7 Metallic Eyes Pencil's retail for £7.75 and Nars Larger Than Life pencils cost £17 each.

Boots No.7 Metallic Eyes Pencil 03 Blue
Boots No.7 Metallic Eyes Pencil 03 Blue

So as mentioned  No.7 Metallic Eyes Pencil come presented in black pencil form 
but are closer to a plastic pencil form than thy are to a wooden pencil.
I personally find this kind of pencil easier to sharpen than it's wooden counterparts
as they do so in a smooth and fluid motion and they don't tend to snap as easily.

Boots No.7 Metallic Eyes Pencil 03 Blue

No.7 Metallic Eyes Pencil's come in a variety of shades - at least three.
I decided to purchase the deep metallic navy blue shade that is 03 Blue.
As I thought it would look lovely on the bottom lash line with a smokey eye
also as I have blue/grey eyes sadly not every shade works quite how I'd like it to,
I personally love green but it does me no favours unless in glided olive form.

Boots No.7 Metallic Eyes Pencil 03 Blue
Swatched lightly on the left and heavily on the right.

Now as a pretty and high end as the pencil looks sadly that is where the high end comparisons end
as I found the pencil itself to be rather stiff and difficult to work with.
I envisaged the pencil to glide on softly and deliver a silky veil of metallic navy blue pigment.
I found the formula hard even after attempting to warm it with my finger tips,
it pulled and tugged on the delicate eye area and the pigment was rather weak and patchy.
The shade has tiny flecks of silver glitter and wore roughly for around 4hours before fading and smudging.
As a liner it is too firm and lacking in colour pay off to be a stand out product for me,
the only way I found it semi useful was to use a brush and apply the shade as a base for deep eye colours.

I'm hoping that the other shades in the range fair a little better, 
I haven't completely wrote these liners off yet and will explore the other shades at some point.

Product Summary
Round Up - A firm and difficult to use navy blue metallic pencil eye liner.
Best For - I found it to work best as a base rather than liner.
Pigmentation - (5/10) Not as pigmented as I hoped for, middle ground at best.
Availability - Boots and £7.75 each - link