Avon Shine Attract Lipsticks - Review


One of Avon's newest lipstick lines is that of the Shine Attract variety,
with a broad range of 10 shades and a promise of colour and shine in one
I really liked the idea behind the concept and couldn't wait to road test a few shades!

The packaging is minimalist and sophisticated, I don't often state this about a lipstick that features a transparent cap!
It is slimline in size and looks really modern thanks to the silver tubing.
It is lightweight and well constructed.

What truly interested me about this lipstick line is that each shade is constructed of a colour core
but has a transparent gel surrounding barrier that is actually a moisturising clear gel
that provides the shine factor to each shade not to mention an SPF15.

I was sent three shades and as each shade varied in terms of pigment and finish I felt it was best to do
an individual colour and performance review rather than a post full of broad sweeping statements.
However I would like to say that these shades do not swatch well on the skin at all,
the do not represent the shade in a good light, the magic happens when they are applied to the lips.
Best described these are tinted lip balms with a little kick in terms of pigmentation.

Shade P4 Happy Pink - Pigment (7/10)
Out of all three shades this had the most pigment and really packed a punch in terms of colour pay off.
I would deem Happy Pink a bright blue based pink that can be easily built up to provide a bright cerise pink.
I found Happy Pink to bleed a little and settle a little into my lip creases not something that bothers me personally
but worth mentioning none the less.
This had a  glossy and moisturising finish and was really comfortable to wear.
I achieved around an hour of wear before this shade faded and disappeared from my lips.

Shade P401 Guava (5/10)
I would deem this to be my favourite shade.
Guava is a peach meets brown shade that once applied leans towards the former rather than the latter.
It is a really natural twist on peach and should not look stark on any skin tone due to it being sheer.
Guava  did not bleed but it was not as moisturising nor as glossy as Happy Pink.
Just as with Happy Pink this wore around the hour mark but was comfortable to wear.

Shade P103 Natural Glow (6/10)
I feel this is the middle ground shade out of the three shades in terms of pigmentation,
it gives a little more colour pay off than Guava but less than Happy Pink.
Natural Glow is a pinky brown shade that is neutral is tone.
I found this shade to be the most drying of the bunch and to have very little shine factor.
It wasn't as comfortable to wear but a pretty shade none the less,
as with all the shades this lasted around the hour mark before waning.

So have you tried the Shine Attract Line, if so what shades?

Shine Attract lipsticks retail for £8.50 each but are currently on offer for £5 on Avon Shop UK - link 

The above products were sent for consideration of review.
I was not compensated in any shape or form.
The review expresses my 100% honest opinions.


  1. I have heard so many good things about these, love the guava!


  2. Can't wait to try these! They are due to arrive here next month I think :)

  3. ooo these look amazing! I might grab one while they are only on £5 spesh. :)


  4. These look lovely, I always prefer lipsticks that feel more like a lip balm :) x


    1. Me too so much more comfortable to wear :)

  5. I'm waiting for my order of these to arrive. I ordered the Happy pink and Show orchid. Looking forward to trying them out. Danielle.

    1. Oh fab choices :) I hope they get to you soon :)

  6. Yay, just discovered I had received some of these as a gift over christmas, hadn't had a chance to play with them yet. LOVED Happy Pink and Guava in your post then discovered they were the ones I have, definately be giving these a whirl! xo

    1. How great is that :) I hope you like them in reality :)

  7. Love the 'Natural Glow' shade, shame it was the most drying!xx

    1. It is a pity but a quite coat of balm remedies it :)

  8. These look really nice, I love all the colours you were sent. I think Avon have upped their game lately, I remember a few years ago I would order makeup from there and was never impressed, but recently I've found loads of things that I want to try! :)

    Frances x
    http://francescassandra.blogspot.com (Giveaway now on)
    Twitter: @Francesss__

    1. I have to completely agree it seems so much better quality and dare I say it modern? :)

  9. I've ordered myself some of these yesterday, looking forward to getting them now after see'ing your swatches.. all the shades look amazing!


    1. Oh fab :) can't wait to see what shades you have picked :)

  10. I have heard a lot about these from Pixiwoo they seem amazing i might get a few xD


    1. ah cool :) if pixiewoo rate then you know you're on to a good thing :)

  11. it doesn't seem as a kind of lip product that last long on your lips or I'm I mistaken?

    1. No you are right :) they don't really last as long as a typical lipstick

    2. that's the downside cause the are really pretty like the finish more than lipgloss

  12. Oh now these I LOVE! Have just reviewed the new Smoke & Mirrors collection - gotta say Avon have come a long way since their only selling point was smell pages ;)

  13. Happy Pink is a gorgeous colour, I love it! xx

  14. OMG!! so tempted>>>GUAVA and NATURAL GLOW ...LUSH!!


  15. Guava is a lovely color and my favorite by far but that wear and the pigmentation are kind of meeeeh.

  16. I think Avon lipsticks are really good and really moisturising, and I also think the price is great. I will be trying these out my self.


    Emine x

  17. This post was really helpful.Thanks for the swatches.I'm going to order 1 soon and I was loooking for good swatches of the lipsticks to decided which 1 I'll get out of the 10 available.In the current brochure if you buy 1 of these lipsticks for £5/6.50 euro you'll get 1 Avon Glimmerstick lip liner free. So I'm definetely buying 1 :) It's too good to pass up on such a bargain offer.I'm a huge fan of Avon.My entire make-up collection is mostly Avon - about 80% :) I really do wish more girls buy their make-up because the quality is just brilliant isn't? Their prices are truly wonderful aswell.

    I was planning of getting Passion Red but because of your brilliant swatches. Guava and Happy Pink are calling out my name and tugging my heartstrings. Too bad I'm only ordering 1 for now.Decisions, decisions,decisions. What's a girl to do? haha I really don't know which one to go for.I truly don't

    Ps I'm not an Avon rep just a really big fan of Avon. :D

  18. Thanks for the clear swatches! Avon in our country is having a big promotion on this so I'm doing my homework and researching the colours online (as the colours don't tally on brochures and in real life. All colours look great on you! Thanks again :)


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