Avon Kabuki Brush - Review


I am always on the look out for new brushes, I really don't think you can have too many!
Well you can particularly when it comes to wash day a.k.a Sunday 
and it takes a good hour to sanitize them all and curse yourself to the high heavens!
Anyway after really enjoying Avon's Eyeliner brushes I thought I'd try another from the line!

The first thing that struck me when I received my Avon Kabuki brush was how compact it is,
that doesn't particularly bother me but if you are looking for a larger brush this may not be suited.
Like a good few Kabuki brushes out there this doesn't have a full handle
but comes with a little stub of a handle much like a shaving brush.
It has a decent weight to it and looks sophisticated thanks to all black colour scheme.

This brush does have to be washed before you use it 
not only is that common sense but it prolongs the life of the brush 
and in this case helps to soften up the stiff bristles.
The Avon Kabuki brush is densely packed but the bristles do require a wash
or two with a conditioning wash in order to soften them up a little,
otherwise it can be quite rough to use.

How you use your Kabuki brush is up to you!
I don't honestly believe in 'Brush Rules', if it works for you go for it.
I tried it with various make-up formulas in order to give the brush a fair trial.
With powder it picks up a good amount of product and easily buffs the product into the skin.
When I tested it with cream and liquid formulas I did encounter that it absorbed more product 
than it dispensed which means you will use more than you actually require
that being said it did give an air brushed effect which is always nice.
However it is not the softest of brushes!

For me this Kabuki is a travel powder/emergency brush which is aided by the nifty little pouch
that the brush comes housed in, not only will it prevent damage to your kabuki brush
but also your handbag, if only I had a solution to ball point pens (Hello pencil case!).

The Avon Kabuki brush costs £6 at full price
but it is currently on offer for £4 at the moment - link

Have you tried Avon Brushes?


  1. It looks terribly scratchy on the pics. I would most likely toss it or use it for cleaning the keyboard. Warmly recommend the e.l.f. Studio one though - it's 5 pounds but if you wait for a sale, even cheaper.

  2. @liisK - I have never tried anything from E.L.F I don't know what is stopping me I just keep hearing negative things about the brand, thank you for the tip though :) x

  3. I've tried Avon brushes before and they're all incredibly soft! x

  4. I second the recommendation of the ELF kabuki, it's amazingly soft, buffs powders in nicely and I haven't experienced any shedding with it. It washes well too. I'm considering buying another one.

  5. You should try Ecco Tools or Real Techniques brushes as they are both really good and cruelty free (no nasty animal hair!) :) xo

  6. Thank you for all the recommendations :) xx

  7. I have other avon brushes that were great but this one was soo scratchy. Great review though

  8. I am not so into kabukis but this looks ok, thanks for sharing!

  9. I love the avon all over face brush, its super smooth, but for me this little kabuki was just a bit too rough for my skin no matter how much I washed the brushto try and soften it.

    jess xo

  10. I've never tried Avon brushes; mostly because of the inconsistent quality of Avon overall. I could tell from the pictures that this brush wasn't very soft and that's definitely a must for me when it comes to brushes.


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