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I really want Deborah Lippmann's Candy Shop nail polish but as my collection is bursting at the seams I have decided not to indulge and make do with what I have. This has lead me to creating my own little concoction to gain something similar to Candy Shop.

I used Leighton Denny's Babydoll and Technic's Carnival which I bought from eBay for £2.69 - link . I really like Technic's Carnival believe it or not all my fingers have only one coat of it on! My thumb does have two coats but I feel it looks overdone? The trick is to wipe of any excess base (the clear polish) and dab the glitter on which will save you applying lots of coats and going nuts waiting on it to dry! The Leighton Denny polish is really opaque after two applications but I found it had a really long drying down time which isn't wonderful considering it's price point!

Okay it's not an exact dupe but it is still a very pretty combo which will do me for now. I say now as I really do want Candy Shop and a few other Deborah Lippmann polishes haha, the brand does grown up glitter like no other brand in my opinion.

Yankee Christmas Scents Part Three


So we have finally reached the end of my Yankee Christmas Scents mini series, I hope you have enjoyed reading about the vast selection of Christmas scents available. I do recommend you smell the scents in person before purchasing any, it's times like this I wish smell-o-vision for laptops was invented haha!

Christmas at The Beach - link 
"It's a tropical holiday escape with this bright, festive blend of pineapple, coconut and cilantro." Not a traditional holiday scent at all, it reminds me of pina colada's great for burning when the gloomy winter weather is getting you down!

North Pole - link
"What holiday dreams are made of ... a sweet blend of icy cool mint and sugary rich vanilla cream." Some what smells like mint choc chip ice cream, it's really pleasant and not overpowering at all.

Jack Frost - link
"This playful winter fragrance blends icy cool peppermint and a generous helping of sweet vanilla snow cream to refresh you and your home in a flash." To me it smells very much like mint candy canes.

Winter Wonderland - link
"So real you can almost hear sleigh bells ... the tingle of a frosty breeze blowing through icy pines." This has a light airy scent, similar to a fresh linen or cotton scent, very crisp and clean.

Christmas Rose  -  link
"Holiday memories bloom in the authentic perfume of delicate rose petals with a hint of pine." This is horrid and smells nothing like rose, it has a plastic scent and is very artificial scent wise. I really would avoid this at all costs. 

White Christmas - link 
"There's a quiet holiday beauty in this blend of woodsy evergreens and cool, freshly fallen snow." Light and fruity, it smells a little like Christmas Cake but less heady.

I am now on a Yankee Candle ban until I have used up my stash which is somewhat out of control...ooops! Do you use any of the Yankee Scents?

Yankee Christmas Scents Part Two


I'm back with more festive scents from Yankee Candles, there is so many different festive scents to choose from that I have had to split it into three posts, this is post two but you can read post one here.

Deck The Halls - This is an new addition for 2011 and doesn't smell traditionally Christmas/festive by this I mean it has no obvious spice notes. It is fruity but heady. "It's a merry symphony of cedar, bergamot, fir needles and musk."

Christmas Tree- As a family we burn this on the 12th of December every year as that is the day we decorate the tree."Christmas Tree is a fresh pine fragrance evoking memories of going out in the snow to find that special tree or walking through a pine forest. Simply irresistible, warming your home throughout the chilly seasonal months."

Christmas Cookie - I just want to say I don't find this send all that dissimilar from the Christmas Cupcake scent, in my opinion they are almost identical so just a heads up! "This fine festive candle captures the aroma of buttery rich, vanilla scented, sugar cookies fresh from the oven and ready to hang on the tree." Also if you like the Vanilla Cupcake scent you'll enjoy this.

Eggnog- Well the title says it all (even if the tart borders slightly artificial) but if you haven't smelt eggnog let me enlighten you! "A warm, inviting aroma perfectly spiced with cinnamon, vanilla and clove." It is festive with a slight kick :)

Mountain Berry - Again a new addition for Christmas 2011 this is one of my least favourite scents, it smells really sweet and artifiical, has a strong blackcurrant top note and somehow reminds me of a car air freshner! "Inspired by nature. . . the wintry crisp scent of frosty woods, red berries, currant and rosemary."

The finial instalment will be up in a day or so, as always I buy my tarts from here or eBay.

Yankee Christmas Scents Part One


I'll level with you all Yankee Christmas scents are my absolute favourites might have something to do with the fact that I adore Christmas! Today I'm going to share some my Yankee Christmas tarts but as I have so many I have had to split it into three posts, today I will share my red to love a theme!
Be Jolly - "Tis the season to spread Christmas cheer. Holiday spices are arranged in perfect harmony with notes of hollyberry and pine." This is a cheery scent and one of the newest additions to the line, it smells more of berries than it does of spice.
Happy Christmas - "This welcoming Christmas fragrance blends fresh pine branches with red berries for a bright, uplifting scent that fills your home with festive cheer." Has a definite scent of berry.
Mulled Wine - "This luxury Christmas candle captures the delicious aromas of ripe fruit, cloves and traditional festive spices for the perfect holiday fragrance." This has a strong spice scent but if you like mulled wine you will enjoy this. Very festive!
 Christmas Eve - "This fruity Christmas fragrance blends the holiday scents of a warm hearth, sugared plums, and candied fruit to fill your home with festive spirit." The description is bang on, I burn this every Christmas Eve so it is now some what of a tradition.
Red Apple Wreath - " The festive aroma blends sweet apples, cinnamon, walnuts and maple to fill your home with Christmas cheer." The easiest way to describe this is spicy apples as silly as that sounds.
Welcome Christmas - "This luxury Christmas fragrance combines the aroma of fresh pine garlands with bright citrus and juicy red berries." I like to burn this during the day as it is fairly mild.Like most Christmas scents it is fairly pine scented.

So what Yankee Christmas Scents will you be filling your house with? Can you believe it is nearly Christmas already?

I live in the U.K and tend to buy most of my tarts from here or eBay.

Mac Glitter and Ice Paint Pots


I succumbed and bought all three of the paint pots from Mac's latest offering Glitter and Ice which on the whole as a collection is a little lack lustre. The title Glitter and Ice has connotations of pale dare I say it icy shades such as silver, pastel blues and lilac with an abundance of glitter yet the collection seems to have bypassed this. That being said I do like the silver and white packaging and might go back and purchase this kit but we shall see!

All three paint pots are limited edition shades and cost £14/5g as with all paint pots these apply like a cream eyeshadow and settle to a powder finish. The drying down time is fairly quick, these can be used as a base, an all over colour, highlight or as an eyeliner obviously some options are ruled out due to colour choice.

For Effect - This appears to be a dark charchol almost black shade but if sheered out it can take a navy appearance  The glitter present does make it a little gritty texture wise but adds to what could be another blackened grey cream eyeshadow. Annoyingly the glitter tends to cause fall out and I found this shade rather difficult to build to an opaque finish. I planned to use this as an eyeliner but because it is rather difficult to gain a decent level of opaqueness I guess I'll have to re-think my plan of action.

Let's Skate - Is a milky pink that has a golden pearl finish, it sort of looks like mother of pearl due to the lovely golden tones. Oddly enough in pot form it doesn't look like it will be shimmery yet when swatched you can see it is fairly shimmery/frosty unlike For Effect this isn't gritty to the touch. I think this shade is the best for those looking for a multi-purpose product as this can easily be used as an all over wash of colour, a base and a highlight. Will suit all skin tones but will be far more evident on the skin the darker you are as with all pale shades.

Morning Frost - Is a cool antique taupe shade that leans slightly bronze. Again this isn't as gritty as For Effect but does have tiny silver glitter particles that again can cause fall out. For me it is the most practical shade out of the three and the one I will most likely reach for on a daily basis as a base for neutral shadows. This should suit the majority of skin tones but may look a little muddy on the really fair.

Round Up - Three limited edition cream eyeshadows that are pretty enough but some do lack pigment and have substitutional fall out where the glitter is concerned. I am a little disappointed in For effect the most.

Best For - See individual shades.

Availability - As mentioned they are L.E so they are only avaliable for a limited time from Mac stores and Mac Online which you can view here £14/5g.

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