From Spain with Love (swap post)


Spain always holds a special place in my heart and I'm very annoyed that I haven't been this year however this will change around October when I finally get to go back to my second home! Can you imagine how happy I was when the really lovely Andrea at grasshopper-treasure (check her blog out she is beyond lovely) suggested a swap! I was all hell to the yes so here in all their glory are my amazing products!

As they only came today I'm still playing around with them and can't really offer any reviews at this moment in time but if you want anything reviewed please don't hesitate to ask!


  1. I'm so happy you got your package! I hope eveything (or at least much of it) is of your taste! can't wait to see your opinions on the products :)


  2. awesome swap! you got some nice stuff! i love the marshmellow packaging from urban decay. so cute!

  3. I would love a review on the marshmallow powder please! Lost of great products you got there

  4. Spaaain <3 thats my second home aswell.. i didnt get to go last year but i can gladly say im going in 2 weeks again and im too excited XD u got some lovly stuff there !!!

  5. ooh all these look fab! love the swap posts, x

  6. The essence shadow looks gorgeous! :) Please review the yes to carrots lip butter, I LOVE them & would love to know your thoughts!!

  7. The marshmallow item looks intriguing!! And also yes to carrots? Haha! Seem to have got alot of Sephora items... is that a Spanish make? xx

  8. @andrea- I love it all :D thank you so so soooo much :) xx

    @donna- thank you :) I love it all! x

    @ronaamal- thank you :) and i'll get one up asap!x

    @mieranne- oh please take me with you haha! I love spain too much :( aww thank you! x

    @victoria-gabrielle- thanks chica :) x

    @vintage makeup -its so pretty! Oh i love the lip butter i've been using it since i got it yesterday. I need more! x

    @amy- its a body dazzle dust :) the lipbalm doesnt actually smell like carrots its lovely haha! Umm I dont think so i'm pretty sure sephora is an american brand? But we dont have sephora in the u.k :) x

  9. Girl. I love how many swaps you do


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