My Cali Swap


Yep i've been swapping again and can I just say how much fun they are, honestly I enjoy shopping more for the swaps than I do myself, crazy right? The other great thing about it is not only do you get to try products that you can get in your country but you get shades/items that you wouldn't pick for yourself.

I'm aiming to do a swap with every US state (so far I've only swapped with California and Texas) and hopefully most of the world ( so far its been Dubai and Spain) pretty ambitious I know haha! Anyways this time I swapped with the lovely Ev who blogs over at Mozzarella & Make-Up seriously check her out she has a great blog and is uber friendly!

Yes, yes on to the goodies which I haven't had a chance to play around with yet but once I do i'll pop up some reviews. Enjoy!

EDIT- I have no idea why I said this was an L.A swap when it was a California Swap (yes L.A is in cali but this wasn't an L.A swap) so sorry Ev sometimes I just jump the gun!


  1. This is the third swap post I've seen in a row and I'm so jealous haha. If you ever want to do a swap with a Hawaii girl, let me know. ;)

    Lots of great items, sorry to see that one of the WnW palettes shattered though. My only one (Sweet As Candy) broke pretty easily too. =(

    Can't wait to read more!

  2. Oh prettyyy!

    I desperately want to try some Sinful Colours nail polish, especially those bright ones!

    Hopefully you'll do a review on them! :)

    Sorry your WnW palette broke though! :(

  3. Gorgeous! Love everything :D Do review the NYX blush! :)

  4. Oooo these things look lovely! Lucky you:) xx

  5. There are some awesome things there! :)
    I love swapping too, it's like you say, you get things that you would never buy yourself.
    I also love picking things out for swapping, haha, it's so exciting! :)
    I can't wait to see some swaps of the products that you got.

  6. Awesome swap, I definitely need to try out some wet and wild shadows! I hear great things, that gold and blue one looks great!


  7. Id love to swap, how do you find some one willing? A post?? Ive got someone in Ireland Ill be swapping with when they are ready but Id love to go further afield.


  8. You love swapping hey Adrienne?? :)
    You're definitely the Queen of Swaps!
    I would love to do with you in the future... Even though I'm pretty sure my selection of make up brands is quite limited.


  9. I love these swap posts.. They look like so much fun, and bet it's mega exiting opening your post!


  10. looks like you did a wonderful swap! I think you'll really like the nyx eye shadows!

  11. Wahouuuu you are lucky, i love wet n wild, its good quality :)

  12. I am loving all the bright colours!!

  13. Oh those Sinful Colors are gorgeous!

  14. @jc- haha I do enjoy swapping its so much fun and I will certainley swap with you :) ah are they I think its just been the royal mail they are not great at taking care with my parcels :( x

    @cosmetic chronicles- The sinful colours polishes are amazing you can get them on cherry culture for mega cheap :) x

    @rabeeyah- I certainly will :) x

    @zoe- Its all great :) x

    @anouk-haha it really is so exciting, I prefer buying for others its the same at xams etc! x

    @hannah- If you get a chance you really should try them out :) x

    @ms red- Yeah just do a post about it or ask on twitter? x

    @laiqah-haha queen of swapping I like it :) of course i'd love to swap with you :) x

    @lowri- it was like xmas haha! x

    @kelly- I really did :) cant wait to try them all out! Oh me too they look fab! x

    @in palace- thank you :) x

    @brown sugar- I really am :D i agree its amazing!x

    @adorabubbles- I couldnt agree more :) x

    @pretty in the dessert- they are actually prettier in person if that is at all possible :) x

    @sara- it really is :D x

    @cheery - thanks chica :) x

  15. Nice swap u got:

    I have Lagoon Sparke the green NYX u got and also
    Indian Pink they are nice shades.

  16. Spoiled brat and I got good jeans are BEAUTIFUL I've seen them in person. Oh noooooo I'm feeling retro broke!

    By LA do you mean Louisiana or Los Angeles the city?

    Jealouuuuus of your swaps!

  17. You got really awesome goodies :)

  18. What a lovely swap you got :)

    It's such a nice idea, I'd love to do something like this! xx

  19. @maria- of great :) how do you like to wear lagoon sparkle? x

    @eden-avalon- They are beautiful :) ah accidents happen its fine the other two shades are fine :) hehe they are so much fun we should do one in the future :) x oh and i meant los angles

    @beauty by krystal- hehe thank you :) x

  20. @sarah - thank you :) you really should x

  21. Hello!
    Hmmm, what are the swapping rules? I wanna swap. I got your Arizona/NY City covered.

    The minty Sinful polish, pretty!

    xo $ARMIN

  22. Swapping looks like so much fun!:)

  23. @$armin- just mailed ya! :)x

    @bettzy93- it really is :) x

  24. @ adrianne, I love the color in the pan, but by me it doesn't fit dunno, why. I use concealer as base ( primer) to make the color pop it does stay long and love the glitter. I have similar finish of the Sephora collection a old Gold fine glitters and not too glittery just fine.

  25. What an awesome swap! You should do one with a Canadian *coughs* lol :D

  26. wow such a great swap(:
    soo fun, thanks for sharing it

    <3 BB

  27. So glad you like everything, thanks again for the idea! and i still feel bad that one of the palettes broke :-( today i plan to take pics of the stuff you sent me as well, it was just too hot to stay home this weekend and do anything! i <3 those Eyeko pencils, so smooth and creamy!! and i do live in L.A. County so it still counts :-D

  28. she sent you some great stuff! wet n'wild trios are amazing! xoxo

  29. I love swapping and surprises!!!But nobody doing this in my country!!!:o((


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