10 years of The Sunday Girl

On January the 1st, I celebrated 10 years of The Sunday Girl so although this post is a tad late, it is only fitting that I hit publish on a Sunday.

Initially this site was set up as a joke. My sister was staying over and I was waiting up to purchase the Nicki Minaj Pink Friday lipstick...what a throwback that is! I was working on a beauty counter back then, as such not only was I blowing all my wages on cosmetics but boring everyone near and dear with my constant chatter of new beauty products. I think at one point I even attempted to memorise every shade of MAC lipstick...what a sad little life you lead Jane.

Whilst watching Two and a Half Men and eating cheap, takeaway pizza (this post is highly scented by the delicate pong of nostalgia), my sister floated the idea of creating my own beauty blog. Admittedly I had no idea what that was nor how to really go about it but after a few google searches later, the very first incantation of The Sunday Girl was live. To say it was rough around the edges is an understatement; in fact it wasn’t even called “The Sunday Girl”, instead “The Crazy Bitch Beauty Gazette”- so professional and absolutely a play on a line from said, earlier mentioned Two and a Half Guys episode.

I later changed the name to Adrienne Adores after some gently persuasion from a PR (turns out brands don’t want to work with a blog that’s got the word “bitch” in the title...who knew) before settling on The Sunday Girl and as they say the rest is history.

Ten years is a long time, the entirety of my adulthood and in this instance the longest serving role I have ever had. Some days I can't quite believe that this little site provides me and income and other opportunities. I'm not great with giving nor following advice but if in any capacity you have ever dabbled with the idea of digital content creation, I say do it. It has changed my life for the better and for that I will be forever indebted to the old and dated platform that is Blogger.

Beauty blogging and the industry has changed all beyond recognition in the last 10 years and as such I’m not really sure what the future holds...then again, who does? What I can say for certain is that I am so grateful for everyone who reads this site and engages with my content on any platform. Thank you for sticking around and not only do I hope that 2021 is kinder to us all but I hope the next 10 years are filled with love, happiness and some of the fondest memories possible.

Thank you again, Adrienne x