This year has been odd to say the least and I know for many - if not most - what we would all deem to be a normal Christmas isn't quite on the cards this time around. However, if you do chose to mark the festive season this year in the form of gifts under the tree (or perhaps more realistically in the back of a Royal Mail van), then may I walk you through a few beautiful, indulgent and oh so coveted gifts by Temple Spa.

Be it small tokens of affection or a large showstopper, there truly is a gift for everyone and every budget - not to mention that all of the gifting items come presented in the most divine packaging, saving you the fuss and additional cost of gift wrap!

I think 2020 will go down in history as the year we all squabbled over anti-bacterial soap and hand gel. Admittedly I have had my fill of soap to last me this lifetime and next but if someone you know has only just renovated their bathroom (or is simply very house-proud) then the Temple Spa Dream Stones Aromatic Soap Bars (£16) is a lovely and dare I say, rather thoughtful gift. This set contains three, elegant bars of triple milled soap - all of which are laced with skin-softening and mind-relaxing ingredients, including botanical and essential oils. 

Maybe soap isn't quite what you had in mind but rather something that your loved one can relax and unwind with come night fall? This year I suggest skipping the bath salts and dated body sets that line the Supermarket shelves and bestow a bottle of Temple Spa Restitude Relaxing & Comforting Bath Luxe  (£19/300ml) upon the weary on your "to buy" list. This beautiful bath elixir has been created to not only produce a cocooning mass of frothy bubbles to soothe aches and pains but is complimented by a luxurious fragrance that melts away stress and worries. 

The showstopper? Temple Spa Bon Voyage Spa Whenever You Are Collection (£25)- as the name suggests this is a bumper package of all the products you could possibly need to create your own little haven in the comfort of your home. From shower essentials such as shampoo, conditioner and shower gel to indulgent treats such as calming skin balms, you'll find it all neatly presented in this gift set.

Other gifts for the nesters amongst us include the luxurious Temple Spa Warm Welcome Spa Aromatic Diffuser (200ml/£38); a showstopper that instantly scents any room it resides in with warm, woody, spicy and seasonally appropriate notes of Juniper, Cinnamon, Cardamom and Patchouli. For those that prefer a little ambience alongside a home fragrance, there is the Temple Spa Warm Glow Spa Aromatic Candle (200g/£25). A woodland inspired candle both in design and scent that not only provides a glorious glow once lit but fills the entire home with crisp, uplifting yet altogether warming notes of Grapefruit, Bergamot and Orange to name a few.

What do you buy the person that has it all? Lip balm. No seriously, everyone needs a lip balm and who amongst us can truly say that they have enough lip balms to see out the season of Winter? Exactly. A great little kit that is handy in more ways than one is the Temple Spa Read My Lips Gift Set (£19). Inside a reusable pouch is three, pocket-sized products to ensure that chapped lips are a thing of the past. From an exfoliating lip scrub to a deeply nourishing lip balm and even a tinted yet protective lip colour, it is all inside this nifty little kit.

Skincare, in my opinion is what Temple Spa do best and they have a great range of gift sets that will be suitable for just about all skin types and needs. The Temple Spa The Great Defender (£30) is a fantastic introduction not only to the brand but SPF in general; this little green box contains a full sized Temple Spa SPF30 Protecting Moisturiser and SPF 30 Protecting Lip Balm. 

The gift you might want to keep to yourself? The Temple Spa Absolute Truffle, The Creme de la Creme Skin Collection (£65). A back-to-back, bumper selection of Temple Spa, Truffle award-winners that offer not only rest and relaxation, in one neat little package but a pretty stellar skincare routine too. From a radiance boosting moisturiser, eye cream, a face serum and even a face mask - you'll find it all within this kit and then some. Heck, it might even have you forgetting that Spa's once existed.

This is just a small selection of the gift sets and self-care products that Temple Spa have to offer, to view the full range please click here - link.