Best Beauty Make-Up Tips Tricks Hacks

As I sit here in my festive pyjamas (a pink print with cheery, little penguins decked out in Santa hats for the curious), polishing off the very last of the biscuit tin (waste not, want not), I've come to realise that although I didn't blog nearly as much as I'd have liked to in 2018, I did learn a lot.

The last twelve months have been exhausting to be utterly frank but along the way I have garnered more skills, tips and tricks than ever before from beauty experts, enthusiasts and my own sheer trial and error. From oily skin correction, to an easy fix for creasing concealer and even an outright brilliant way to de-tangle tangled hair, I have them all - consider this my gift to you for 2019 (sorry I didn't keep the receipt so no returns).

Best Beauty Make-Up Tips Tricks Hacks

Primer can be applied over the top of make-up to add additional moisturise, reducing the appearance of cake-ing powder products, de-grease and lock in make-up - gentle rub onto the palms of your hands, and blot/press onto any area that requires attention. This process is far more comfortable and forgiving on the skin than several layers of powder throughout the day.

Whilst we are on the topic of primer, gently misting your face with a setting spray before the priming stage will help it work its magic that little more.

Perhaps not a tip as such but my beauty find of 2018; nothing looks more natural on pretty much every skintone than Benefit Benetint. The trick is to apply and blend quickly as humanly possible as it is a stain and sets at lighting pace. It creates the most beautiful rosy flush on both the lips and cheeks and as it is a liquid product it doesn't gather into fine lines, creases or cracked skin.

Two oily skin tips: on a particularly warm or humid day you can mix a tiny amount of loose powder into your foundation to help combat excess sebum. Forget what you know about applying setting powder of any nature, the trick is to dab and push the powder into your skin (a lot like how you would use a Beauty Blender with liquid products) rather than using sweeping motions - this seems to help soak up excess oil for longer.

Liquid luminisers and moisture boosting serums are the most foolproof way to add a subtle glow to any skin type, adding them into your favourite base product is the simplest way to fake a "natural" glow. In my experience the golden ration is 4:1 - 1 drop of liquid highlighter and/or serum to 4 drops of foundation. My general rule is: serum adds a fresh, plump glow and highlighter brightens and lifts the entire face - if I've had next to no sleep I will add both.

The cheats guide to creating a blinding highlight worthy of a hundred insta snaps can't actually be bought in store and is more often than not a mix of facial oil combined with a little scraped off powder highlight. You do need to mix until you create a paste like consistency but if your end goal is to blind passerby's this is the way to do it.

Speaking of liquid highlighter if like myself you enjoy glowing skin but have to factor in enlarged pores and/or problem skin, after you have primed your skin but before you apply foundation et al, gently buff a liquid highlighter all over your face and then apply your base product over the top. This will add an element of radiance without compromising the coverage of your foundation.

Best Beauty Make-Up Tips Tricks Hacks

Forget letting powder bake, when it comes to liquid concealer pop it on to the under eye area and leave it for as long as you can bear - blend out using a damp Beauty Blender and set as usual. You will find that the skin not only looks smoother but creasing throughout the day is minimal.

Also two concealers are always better than one for the undereye are: combine one with a peachy tone (to correct dark circles) and one with a yellow tone (to brighten).

We've reached peak mascara formulation, meaning brands don't actually invest too heavily within the physical mascara contents and rather all innovation is steered towards creating new brushes and applicators. Basically don't be afraid to sterilise your favourite old mascara wand and use it with another mascara.

Don't ever file over gel polish (unless in the removal stages), it breaks the seal and will cause it to lift off the nail bed.

Much like I dabble within make-up mixology, I apply the same fundamentals to my hair care routine and that often means mixing several hair oils and treatments within a bowl and applying it with gusto to my locks. I particularly find that hair oil and deep conditioners pair beautifully as they compliment and intensify one and other - that and it seems to be a whole lot easier to rinse out oil combined with a cream texture opposed to a stand alone product.

I have a fear of loosing my hair (who doesn't?) and as such I am a nervous wreck each time I go to the hairdresser as they do tend to veer on the side of rough, particularly when it comes to the de-tangling satge after washing. One very kind hairdresser taught me to direct a medium heat onto my hair using the nozzle, all but blowing any tangles to the ends of my hair. Once around 70% dry, proceed to tease knots out of the hair. Two words - Wet Brush, you need one.

If your make-up brushes are starting to feel a little dried out, after washing them gentle massage the tiniest amount of hair conditioner into the bristles and rinse well (you don't want conditioner residue on your skin) - it should help to soften them.

Oh and for the love of all that is right please, please apply SPF daily. Thank you, next.