Winter Candles UK 2018

Christmas is great and all but let's be realistic, it is a few days of festive fun and then suddenly we are back into the depths of Winter. That's why this year I have purposely shunned "Christmas" scented candles in favour of those that are perfectly suited to burn all the way through until Spring - heck depending on where you live, these may be an option until that one sticky-hot day in July rears its head.

Winter Candles UK 2018

Do you like deeper home fragrances? If so the above selection is for you, regardless of how big your home may be, the following candles will fill every nook and cranny of your humble abode with their intoxicating notes.

Taylor Benfield Crimson Rose & Oud (£30) is the very definition of luxury fragrance, the deep Rose notes mingled with sensuous Oud is so magical that truly you have to test this out to fully comprehend just how beautifully rich and divine the scent is.

At this time of the year Diptyque festive scents are typically the order of the day and as wonderfully presented as the new collection may be, I do have to be entirely honest in saying that none of the new launches captivated me half as much as I had hoped. This year I'm snuggling up the instantly warming, cosy notes of Diptyque Amber Candle (£26-£46) and often coupling it with the punchy-yet-cheery berry concoction that is Diptyque Baies Candle (£26-£46)- if you do enjoy mingling fragrances together, this is a match made in heaven.

Make 2019 the year you embrace new brands and start with Bjork and Berries - a wonderfully luxurious brand that is environmentally sound too. I'd recommend starting with their crisp, alpine-esque scented candle Bjork and Berries White Forest Candle (£30). Imagine all the joys of the first, heavy snowfall of winter coupled with some lush green notes and you won't go far wrong.

For those looking for something a little more luxurious, then the following picks may wet your whistle...

I have yet to light my Le Labo Cedre 11 Candle (£52) but would not hesitate to recommend the deep, smoky and woody fragrance to all that will listen. If this was a fragrance I would merrily bathe in it, until then I hoard the candle in my bedroom and pray for the courage to one day light it.

It's not often I get to say that a fragrance reminds me of a slightly floral and altogether more luxe spin of a Terry's Chocolate Orange but the Kiss the Moon Peace Candle (£30) reminds me of just that. It also doesn't hurt that it helps to aide relaxation making it the perfect choice for anyone who finds it tricky to unwind in the evening.

Typically I'm not a huge fan of spice based fragrances - for the home or otherwise - but the soft yet the indulgent notes of Molton Brown Festive Frankincense and All Spice Candle (£42) manages the impossible in that it is decidedly suited to the colder seasons and yet doesn't scream Christmas. Yes it is a rich and as mentioned spice based fragrance but the floral note of patchouli and berry accent prevent this from ever being close to cloying.

Or perhaps you want to turn to brands that aren't exactly reknowned for the candles?

Atelier Cologne is easily my current favourite fragrance brand of the moment, each scent is powerful, original and effortlessly sexy. If you have yet to discover the magic of Atelier Cologne put it on your to-do list immediately. Understandably most will not associate orange fragrances with Winter but I personally find them to be a great choice to chase away Winter blues and instantly uplift both my mood and a room, for that reason I can not recommend Atelier Cologne Orange Positano Scented Candle enough (£55): it's bright, it's cheery and yet it is not overly sweet.

Does anyone else find they read far more in the Winter months? My dream is to one day own a house with a large roaring fire and a little nook in which I can curl up and devour books for hours, until that day I have the smoky, woody and frankly downright sensuous Floral Street Fireplace Candle (£28). If you discover one new fragrance brand in 2019, please let it be Floral Street.

Do you need a little TLC? Perhaps you envision turning your home into a mini spa complete with fluffy towels and a luxurious body scrub, or maybe your plans involve a glass of wine and a sheet mask? However you decide to pamper yourself this Winter, the Elemis Joyful Glow Candle (£27.50) is the perfect warm yet subtle accompaniment with gentle notes of orange, vanilla and cinnamon, you can't help but feel contented with it flickering away in the background.

It's bizarre how little I like alcohol to taste and yet add it to a fragrance and I can't get enough!

If ever there was a candle designed around a girlie gossip, box set and maybe even a pizza it is the Neon Sheep Proscecco Tin Candle (£3) - fruity with soft floral notes that never overpower even the smallest of bedrooms.

It has been a while since I have found a Yankee Candle that I have wanted to write about but the new Yankee Ameretto Apple Candle (£16.79) fragrance is everything I want in a cold weather scent and more. It is larger than life with a robust, punchy and altogether boozy apple fragrance that you will either love or hate.

Lastly I have the only candle you will ever need for a long soak in the bath, the Sanctuary Spa Signature Candle (£12.50) - it is not often you can easily match your bubble bath, body cream and bath salts to that of a candle fragrance but Sanctuary Spa make this dream come true.