5 Beauty Tasks for Autumn

As I type this the winds are quite literally howling and whipping against my windows, it is raining heavily and yet I am both cosy and content, snuggled up at home with a blanket and a flickering candle. If bliss was a season it would be Autumn wouldn't it? And yet with such warm and fuzzy sentiment, it becomes a whole lot easier to become lazy as really who can be overly bothered with an extensive beauty routine when many woollen layers can hide a multitude of sins? Well this year I am going to try my very best not to hibernate and actually give my skin body and hair the help it needs rather than rushing to my nearest salon and begging for mercy come the break of Spring.

5 Beauty Tasks for Autumn

Take Care of My Hair
This will mean different things to different people but this cold season I have vowed to not only deeply condition once a week but give my hair a break from the strenuous top knots that are oh so convenient but not exactly great for my hairline. It may be slightly ambitious but rather than forever putting off going to the hairdresser, I am going to pre-book bi-monthly appointments and actually get my hair trimmed and treated by professionals as and when it needs it.

Take Supplements
I'll be the first to admit that I don't have the best diet and although it is something I am working on, this is not something I can readily fix overnight and as such I don't necessarily get all the nutrients (I'm pretty vain and only really take ones aimed at contributing to better hair and nails) I need from food. The easiest solution is of course taking the correct supplements but when you are constantly on-the-go this is easier said than done. A lot like meal-prep I have began bulk preparing my vitamins and what not and setting an alarm on my phone so I really have no excuse to forget.

Not Neglect My Feet
Each Autumn and Winter for that matter, I start with the best intentions of slathering my feet in heavy-duty moisturiser each night to prevent cracked skin and promise myself weekly pedicures, only to end up with Hobbit looking feet a few weeks later because I have become lazy. Well (hopefully) not this year as I have somewhat tricked myself into making the process a little more enjoyable with two little words - nail art. Each week, I head over to YouTube and attempt to learn a new nail skin and it makes the whole process a lot more fun. As for moisturising the parts of my body that I tend to neglect, a somewhat passive aggressive Post-It note on my bathroom mirror seems to do the trick.

5 Beauty Tasks for Autumn

Explore New Candle Brands
Sorry Diptyque it's not you, it's me. Well it is mostly me but the fact that your candles are over £40 each does make this break-up a little easier. Candles are indulgent but unlike skincare they don't actually add to much to my life, sure they brighten a room in more ways than one but realistically I should be spending my money elsewhere. I don't think I'll ever be able to give up scented candles (and who can blame me) but I would like to explore more affordable and frankly lesser known brands over the coming months - perhaps I can offer an update in a few weeks?

The Almighty Clear Out
I'm a hoarder, I keep make-up way longer than I should and not because I use it but rather because I seem to be becoming more sentimental as the years tick by. I mean I have a pan of MAC Stereo Rose from 2009 - that has to be growing some form of new life as we speak. In the next few weeks I am going to be ruthless and only keep what I need and use - goodness knows what I will discover in the process. I also think it is time to deploy the "one in, five out rule" as lately my spending habits have become a little excessive - I find by doing this, I only ever purchase what I really need or want, and as such I'm less likely to be impulsive.

I will of course also add regularly washing my make-up brushes to this list and probably underline it several times - I mean is it really a beauty to-do list if cleansing your brushes isn't on there somewhere?